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organize into a code or system, such as a body of law

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As the cost of computing power has decreased, computers and robots have progressively taken the place of employees in carrying out unambiguous, codifiable undertakings.
In a world of codifiable (and codified) intellectual innovations, communicated by letters or printed in books and pamphlets, it was skepticism and not trust that provided an engine of creativity.
Process theory depends] on two incorrect assumptions about the writing act: first, that composing is a systematic, codifiable entity we can isolate and examine; second, that understanding and mastering this codifiable entity are necessary prerequisites to learning how to write.
For the NATO countries it must also be said that, since SOPs are better for dealing with technical and operational problems than human ones, interoperability is more easily attained for services that have easily codifiable technical procedures, such as navies and air forces, while for ground forces, where the human factor takes on greater importance, the difficulties appear to be greater.
Len Schlesinger, President of Babson College, says the practices and principles of entrepreneurship are "documentable, codifiable, and consequently teachable to anybody.
Graham maintains that the Internet is slowly becoming integrated into production networks of silk, asking whether silk-making traditions are being replaced as producers interact with distant customers through the internet: the most straightforward way to smoothly transmit codifiable knowledge about silk is to sell machine-made and standardizable fabrics.
According to this perspective, innovation is promoted by tangible and codifiable information in combination with knowledge tacitly inserted in networks comprised of diverse types of actors (Granovetter 2000).
with the codifiable at the expense of the tacit, so were regulators.
The more codifiable the knowledge, the more it can be broken down into specific components that are easily understood and articulated (Turner & Makhija, 2006), and transferred within the organization or between individuals without loss of meaning (Grant, 1996).
Since no one notices her trouble, her slips are not codifiable, but readers can easily discern the truth behind her discretion.
contact for work that does not involve codifiable information.
This is a distinctively minor, resolutely "little politics," attuned to events and experiences that are neither codified nor wholly codifiable in terms given by the units of historical time.
It has been pointed out that knowledge can be more easily transferable when it is teachable, codifiable, articulate, observable and simple (Winter, 1987; Zander and Kogut, 1995).
There are two laments here--the first, that the dominant wisdom of his day overemphasized the traits and abilities of individual scientists and the second, that the philosophers of his day did not search for the codifiable principles and techniques that lay beneath what masqueraded as special abilities a very few people were endowed with.