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organize into a code or system, such as a body of law

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We propose that the complexity of the transactions, the codifiability of information and knowledge necessary for the transaction and the level of supplier capability at the time of contact initiation will have an impact on the extent to which lead firms are initially willing to invest in building connectivity with a prospective supplier.
Another test will be the codifiability of a model within CMS payment rulemaking structure.
Szulanski (1996) found that knowledge integration might be impeded by the causal ambiguity or codifiability of the knowledge being integrated, the establishment of quality personal interactions between the source of knowledge and the recipient of knowledge, and a lack of absorptive capacity of the recipient.
While knowledge may vary across multiple dimensions, one key attribute of knowledge is its codifiability (Zander & Kogut, 1995; Polanyi, 1967).The more codifiable the knowledge, the more it can be broken down into specific components that are easily understood and articulated (Turner & Makhija, 2006), and transferred within the organization or between individuals without loss of meaning (Grant, 1996).
Codifiability enables firms to index and utilize the signals accessible through a firm's consideration set.
"Codifiability, Relationship-Specific Information Technology Investment, and Optimal Contracting," Journal of Management Information Systems, (20:2), 2003, pp.
Overall, the degree of codifiability of knowledge varies a great deal across firms, thus affecting their incentives to introduce external labour flexibility.
The first area is the codifiability and mechanisms for transferring knowledge.
Even though they specify more fully the meaning of tacitness by operationalizing it in terms of codifiability, teachability and the complexity of knowledge, they do not address why and how that has implications for the threat of opportunism.
Communication costs and shipping costs may now be lower than at other times in history, but the authors claim it is perishibility (defined either as the concrete--fruits and vegetables, or the abstract--computers or items of high fashion design) coupled with codifiability, and the Internet's inadequacy as a medium allowing accurate, complete transfer of complex, abstract concepts.
Although the characteristics of technological information may vary continuously along a number of dimensions, it will be convenient for the analysis here to think of it varying along the following continuum: The extremes of the continuum are characterized by opposite emphasis on the degree of codifiability or tangibility of technological information.
(1999) and Zander and Kogut (1995) delineate knowledge ambiguity in terms of the relative articulability and codifiability of knowledge.
Additionally, the codifiability of the knowledge is found to interact significantly with the knowledge integration-family harmony relationship, while transgenerational control intentions positively moderate the effects of knowledge integration on both non-economic outcomes.