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organize into a code or system, such as a body of law

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Another test will be the codifiability of a model within CMS payment rulemaking structure.
Third, Carr and Ring's (2017) finding that knowledge codifiability moderates the relationship between knowledge integration and family harmony provides a new perspective on how knowledge creates value.
While knowledge may vary across multiple dimensions, one key attribute of knowledge is its codifiability (Zander & Kogut, 1995; Polanyi, 1967).
Codifiability enables firms to index and utilize the signals accessible through a firm's consideration set.
2001), 'Expert systems: aspects of and limitations to the codifiability of knowledge', Research Policy, 30, pp.
The first area is the codifiability and mechanisms for transferring knowledge.
Furthermore, the extent of the codifiability and teachability that these manufacturers want to receive is relatively high, which causes the extent of the outward exposure of this technical knowledge to be relatively high, and also results in these case manufacturers or research institutions wanting all the more to reduce their reliance upon the transfer of technical knowledge.
Even though they specify more fully the meaning of tacitness by operationalizing it in terms of codifiability, teachability and the complexity of knowledge, they do not address why and how that has implications for the threat of opportunism.
Codifiability is best established by information exchanged between people, and the facilitation of "long-term deep relationships over long distances [which] create the essential prerequisites of any complex transaction: trust and understanding.
Although the characteristics of technological information may vary continuously along a number of dimensions, it will be convenient for the analysis here to think of it varying along the following continuum: The extremes of the continuum are characterized by opposite emphasis on the degree of codifiability or tangibility of technological information.
The level of intent exhibited by the family to pass down the firm to a family member and the level of codifiability of the knowledge being integrated amongst family members is proposed to magnify the positive relationship between knowledge integration and the attainment of family harmony and family satisfaction.
The theoretical model developed in this paper is based on an alignment principle that draws heavily on Williamson's (1981) Transaction Cost Theory (TCT) concept of asset specificity and opportunism, as well as on the work of Zander and Kogut (1995) who identify the attributes of innovation knowledge as codifiability, teachability, complexity, and system dependence.
It is therefore associated with codifiability (Boisot 1998; Winter 1987) and the extent to which component knowledge can easily be shared among technical specialists (Wade 1995).
The knowledge stored in these memories can be separated on the basis of its degree of codifiability (Winter, 1987).