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a supplement to a will

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That the testator lacked testamentary capacity at the time of signing the 2000 Codicil and the 2001 Will;
Ortiz re-invented himself at age 34, after a terrible season in 2009, and has had a remarkable four-year codicil to his career.
This in no way supplants the original Joint Principles document, but instead stands as a codicil that elaborates a rarely followed principle implied in the original document.
Inserting a codicil that the visa ban would apply until the Indian judiciary had pronounced on the matter.
Being able to go to points either in the past or future would confer power that is almost beyond comprehension and hence the usual codicil that is added that so-called time travellers cannot alter history.
Edits can be made without the need to re-sign a will, but such documents are not an official codicil or amendment to the will.
In 1997 and 1998, Sylvia Bates executed a will and codicil that would, upon her death, create a trust to be funded by the assets that remained in her estate after all expenses were paid.
The guide donation is PS90 for a single will, PS135 for a pair of 'matching' wills and just PS40 for a codicil or alteration to an existing will.
Under the structure of the will that Edward Scripps left in place when he died in 1926, was a codicil that the trust that controlled Cincinnati's E.
On Wednesday the Senate Finance Committee voted unanimously to expand trade with Russia while including an important human-rights codicil.
The suggested minimum donation is pounds 85 for a single will, pounds 125 for a pair of mirror wills or pounds 40 for a codicil (change) to an existing one.
A codicil looks at the great films of the genre by director.
If you have already prepared your will or trust, you may simply add to it to make a gift to the WHA through a codicil or an amendment.
Those who decide to take up the offer will be asked to consider making a donation to the trust of the suggested amount of pounds 75 for a single will, pounds 100 for a pair of mirror or matching wills and pounds 40 for a codicil.