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an official list of chemicals or medicines etc

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an unbound manuscript of some ancient classic (as distinguished from a scroll)


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The authenticated Maya codices feature elaborate notations, calculations and illustrations.
They "seized the opportunity to take an inventory of the vault," on the pretense that the acting hakham--religious leader--was "hiding gold in the geniza," writes el Kodsi in his 2004 book, A History of Two of Ben Asher's Codices.
Codex VII, the best preserved of the Nag Hammadi codices, contains five separate tractates: the Paraphrase of Shem, the Second Treatise of the Great Seth, the Apocalypse of Peter, the Teachings of Silvanus and the Three Steles of Seth.
The find was originally estimated to have totalled two thousand leaves and, as the cache was broken up by the first dealer, reassigning the separated quires into their original codices was far from easy.
Each of the 612 place-name glyphs has a paragraph to itself; the principal tribute commodities are discussed individually; the reign-dates for Aztec rulers in the Codex Mendoza are checked against those from thirty-eight other historical codices; warriors' costumes and the designs of cotton capes are compared with those represented in other pictorial manuscripts.
They slaughtered the Jews but carefully preserved the two codices because they knew that the Karaite community in Cairo would ransom them.
42-44) a folio-by-folio table of the antiphonary's contents and his essay "The Origin and Fate of the Codex." Dobszay explains the structure of the medieval liturgy in Hungary and then surveys the manuscript's noteworthy content with respect to the Esztergom rite and other surviving Hungarian codices. Dobszay establishes conclusively that the codex does not stem from the Hermits of St.
The pieces are found in early fifteenth-century manuscripts Bologna Q15, Bologna 2216, Modena X.l.11 and the Trent Codices, a group of seven sources dating c.