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Synonyms for codger

used affectionately to refer to an eccentric but amusing old man

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As with most of us old codgers, my fitting skills are no longer good enough to provide a client with an acceptable finished job on a plate that has to be ground, sliced, filed, etc.
Of the 11 runners, only Crafty Codger, Fight U For It and the bottom weight Cilicia have run in a nursery before, with the majority of them having run only three times in maidens.
NEWCASTLE: 2.10 Autumn Tide, 2.40 Barney McGrew, 3.10 Longton, 3.45 The Codger, 4.20 Desert Wings, 4.50 Cracking Choice, 5.20 Meeting In Paris, 5.55 Abraham Monro.
Wilson and Boo Radley--just the sort of cantankerous codger neighborhood children like to tease and free from, or their parents hope to put in nursing homes.
Published by an unrepentant old skate codger, this mag is pretty damn great for a first issue, thick with photos and killer writing (including the aforementioned trip to skate the Basque bowl).
According to sources, Joel, 60, was just too much of a codger for his 27-year-old wife.
COBURG - "Codger Ball" and a community choir will be among activities sponsored this fall by Coburg Community Connections, a local group that works to promote lifelong learning.
Well, some folks think he was a cranky old codger. But that doesn't mean G.B.
Let's hope the car lasts longer with Giggsy than it did with Wales teammate Robbie Savage, who dumped his Bentley after three weeks because Birmingham City players nicknamed him 'old codger'.
Dispirited, he chicken scratches a sketch and frowns, until she busts him: "You give up too soon!" She's peevish with cramps from the awkward poses, as well as the codger's philosophical ravings that he's "going to break her apart" to get at the absolute Form under her surface.
"I remain an Old Codger for Peace, ready to continue my resistance and to recruit others to the cause," he wrote in his autobiography.
Enter Colfax, Washington, on Highway 195, look about 30 yards over toward the town's unusual concrete riverbed, and you will see the Codger Pole, only memorial of its kind in America, and an appropriate one for a timber town.
His other titles are Ballads of a Cheechako (1909), Rhymes of a Rolling Stone (1912), Rhymes of a Red Cross Man (1916), Ballads of a Bohemian (1920), Bar-Room Ballads (1940), Rhymes of a Roughneck (1951), Rhymes of a Rebel (1952), and Carols of a Codger (1954).
There's a big bash for him and we'll be getting the zimmer frame out for the auld codger.