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lean white flesh of important North Atlantic food fish

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The problem was how government could reconcile the interests of fishermen and merchants to tackle the issues associated with the production, cullage, and marketing of salt codfish that all three parties recognized had to be addressed for the general economic good.
[Laughter] And you know it occurred to me that it was kind of like a model for the codfish collapse.
However, large areas of New Zealand that are representative of a prehuman state still remain, in particular offshore, islands such as Whenua hou (Codfish Island), which is situated off the southern coast of New Zealand.
Home cooks and professionals will find this offers a contemporary focus on American comfort foods in New England style, from easy recipes for chowders and cornbread to a Festive Egg Nog Cake, a mainstay of Codfish Balls spiced with cilantro for a modern touch, or a quick, easy Sausage and Cornbread Stuffing.
Our prelude to the unique gourmet experience began with Cucumber 'Gazpacho (soup)' served with stuffed olives, codfish bunyuelos (fritters with cheese) and bread with tomatoes.
a San Juan-based company that distributes rice, vegetables, codfish, tuna, conserves of seafood, garlic, peppers, among other goods, filed for Chapter 11 protection against creditors who are owed more than $7.8 million, according to information submitted to the U.S.
The research's main aim is to discover the optimal conditions for codfish drying.
The stone-arched, intimate eaterie has a vertical garden, with a traditional Portuguese singer to serenade you whilst you work your way through the delicious menu offering cataplana, codfish salad and traditional barbecued meats and fish.
Since the establishment in 1977 of the Economic Exclusive Zones (EEZs) in the European Community (EC), Canada, United States and Norway, Spanish codfish quotes have progressively decreased; and at the end of that decade catches had declined to less than 30,000 Tn.
Valuable to the Golubs, at least - the historic artifact once contained a pound of boneless Canadian codfish sold under the Sweet Life brand, a store brand hailing from the Golub Corp.'s early days.
man who left the coast in darkness bearing elvers, codfish and an air of
Then came a wonderfully looking plate of risotto ai porcini e tartufo di Norcia, which is smooth, white risotto topped with codfish paste.
All this time, Newfoundland's destiny was intertwined with the codfish; indeed, in the Newfoundland dialect of English, "fish" is synonymous with "cod." Though both Newfoundland and Labrador were fairly blessed with minerals like nickel and iron ore and vast forests that lent themselves to a significant timber industry, it was the cod, abundant as ever, on which the livelihood of Newfoundland's hardy, self-reliant population depended.
Business Class passengers will have the opportunity to taste Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant's signature Codfish dish.
During the late 19th century and early 20th century codfish was a major commodity in the North Atlantic.