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lean white flesh of important North Atlantic food fish

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The formation of the FPU in 1908 challenged the way salt codfish exporters operated in buying codfish from Newfoundland fishermen, with the Union trying to control the supply of fish to maximize the price paid to fishermen.
Soak the slated codfish overnight and then cook in boiling water for 10 minutes, drain, shred and season.
I saw another application of that and it's to the codfish collapse--one of the great ecological disasters in human history.
And as the codfish box proves, private label has played a critical role in winning shopper loyalty since the early days, Mona Golub says.
Then came a wonderfully looking plate of risotto ai porcini e tartufo di Norcia, which is smooth, white risotto topped with codfish paste.
Huge fish processing plants were erected and gigantic new "factory ships" from many nations trawled the Banks, increasing the codfish haul by several orders of magnitude.
Business Class passengers will have the opportunity to taste Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant's signature Codfish dish.
During the late 19th century and early 20th century codfish was a major commodity in the North Atlantic.
The first European to discover the province was Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot) in the late 15th century, but it was the lure of codfish that first attracted settlers in greater numbers 50 years later.
Captain Hook, pictured, may be a codfish, but he's just so watchable.
Now it's true that codfish, like grouper and some other species, do gulp down many kinds of manmade objects, including even fishing lures on rare occasion.
The elaborate cuisine included pan fried duck foie gras, red port and orange glazed apples, ravioli with spinach and cheese, rashpberry sorbet, dark chocolates, nut tarts, red fruit tarta, Mignardises chicken soup with bean curd flakes, roasted mutton chops with curry and codfish with tomato sauce.
There is something else, however, she may need to consider: Church membership is declining so rapidly, that the institution may soon have so few members the government subsidy will dry up (like the half-dried codfish I had for my 62nd birthday dinner).
30 July 2010 - Czech food safety officials have said that higher-than-permitted levels of dioxin-like polychlorobifenyls (PCBs) were detected in samples of Polish-imported tinned codfish liver earler this week.