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Laser coders can only mark relatively small characters, true or false.
Offshore coders have in-depth experience with multiple specialties including emergency medicine, radiology, pathology, anesthesia, cardiology, internal medicine, among others.
The time constraints and competitive spirit of the 11 SunGard Coder Cup finalist teams created a dynamic environment that ultimately led to some unique results.
Laser coders are increasingly helping confectionery, dairy and other food manufacturers to perforate packs for easy opening, according to coding and marking specialist Markem-Imaje.
It] would bring confidence and respect to each coder who obtains a certificate.
You access the server via a web interface, and you can control both the Server and Coder via XML using an SDK included with the software.
MATLAB Coder supports an extensive set of MATLAB language features for algorithm development, including built-in matrix math operators and dynamic array handling.
Based on the physician's documentation, the coder also assigned a code for an unspecified injury at C6.
8220;The ICD-10 delay has complicated that for some students, which is why we are excited about our new ICD-9 for ICD-10 Coders program.
With over 10 years experience in classification, together with my background in coder education, I guess it was inevi table that I would finish up being asked to assist at the WHO when it began the production of ICD-11.
General Mills installed a laser coder on every one of its cereal production lines as well as some of its Bisquick and fruit rolls lines.
PHNS developed its innovative Coder Development Program for outpatient hospital coding in order to develop a source of new well-trained medical coders that can bridge the knowledge gap between student graduates and entry level coders.
Identified as one of the top five "gotchas" of ICD-10 implementation, coder concerns have grown beyond health information-management (HIM) directors and garnered significant attention within executive suites.
Allen Coding Systems is continuing to experience high demand for its 53LTi thermal transfer coder, announcing French cheese manufacturer, Capribeur, as its latest overseas customer for the popular entry-level machine.
New Carbon Coder Software Release Boosts Transcoding Speed; Provides Impressive Quality and Workflow Advances