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a defendant who has been joined together with one or more other defendants in a single action

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that a severance should have been granted where the defenses of the defendants were antagonistic and each had made a statement denying his own guilt and accusing his codefendant, these statements constituting the principal evidence relied on by the people.
Saddam and seven codefendants deny roles in the mass murder of 148 Shia Muslims in Dujail, where an attempt had been made on the toppled president's life.
In this situation, legal representatives may consider any references to codefendants in the confessor's signed statement as prejudicial to their clients' rights and possibly restrict using the statement as evidence.
The Court further reasoned that allowing codefendants to seek contribution from other codefendants merely raised the issue of how to apportion damages, rather than recognizing any new duties under 10b-5.
The antigraft court's Fifth Division, however, junked the counter claims of Tan, his codefendants and his companies seeking payment of damages and compensation for legal expenses amounting to P900 million.
The most notable thing about Brown regarding antagonistic defenses is that Brown's counsel and the court both treated antagonistic defenses as an entirely separate issue, discussed in an entirely separate part of the opinion, from that of improper questioning of witnesses by a codefendant's counsel, for which issue alone Braune was cited and distinguished.
The second claim is that Ms Arani, as well as the three defendants she was representing, pressurised a codefendant to change his account.
Ben and his codefendant paid one young girl extra money to serve as their recruiter and bring additional victims to the house.
Typically, defendants develop evidence against the plaintiff, but you can make it literally impossible for a defendant or defense expert to refuse to admit in deposition that a codefendant made a mistake.
1st DCA 1978), Florida became one of the first states to endorse multiple juries after the Ninth Circuit's Sidman decision.[14] Feeney was convicted of two counts of robbery with a firearm after his codefendant, tried simultaneously before a separate jury, was acquitted.
Maryland,(1) the Supreme Court held that the introduction, at a joint trial, of a codefendant's incriminating confession violated the defendant's Sixth Amendment fight of confrontation, even though the confession was redacted to replace the defendant's name with neutral, non-identifying terms such as "deleted."(2) Such a redaction was considered to be of the same legal consequence as the original confession.(3) The Supreme Court found that the blank spaces and words "deleted" or "deletion" were facially incriminating and simply invited the jury to fill in the blanks.(4)
The only real exception to this rule of thumb was that one would not speak directly to a codefendant physician, since he or she was represented by counsel and it would be a breach of legal ethics to do so, and what the codefendant said in the interview might have to be disclosed.
OJ SIMPSON and two codefendants were expected to plead not guilty today to 12 charges, including kidnapping and armed robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas hotel room.
The legislation requires that judgments against codefendants who have not committed intentional fraud be based on their proportionate liability for the losses sustained rather than on their ability to pay most or all of the judgments.
Securities reform legislation introduced in August in the House and Senate, while pertaining only to federal securities suits, would set a precedent by requiring judgments against codefendants to be based on their proportionate contributions to claimed losses rather than on their ability to pay most or all of the entire judgments.