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No es raro en la poesia y la narrativa modernista, el retrato de ciertas feminas, sea la cocotte parisina o la geisha, que se expresen como alter ego del escritor.
Products in hibiscus include the Heart Cocotte and Petite Heart Cocotte, Pepper Mill, Tea for One and a Large Teapot with matching Cream& Sugar Set, Tea Bag Holder, Teaspoons and assorted serveware, bakeware and baking tools.
Today, I'm baking my eggs in the oven - a dish which at its simplest and most classic is called eggs en cocotte, where they are baked in ramekins with a little butter and cream.
Though some of the best restaurants are further out of town (we had a superb meal in French restaurant, Cocotte on Hyde Street in Nob Hill) there's a greater density of cafes, bars and restaurants in the city centre.
Le Creuset is adding a flower cocotte in Mimosa, a cool and luxurious shade of yellow.
500), a duck pate cocotte filled with balsamic vinegar reduction, served with honey pear and toasted bread, brought back pleasant memories of holidays in France.
Dans << Combray >>, on apprend que Swann a epouse << une femme de la pire societe, presque une cocotte >> (I, 20), dont il a eu une fille << qu'il adorait et a cause de laquelle disait-on il avait fini par faire ce mariage >> (I, 22).
Whenever Helene Jarrah, the owner of the recently established Moules et Frites in Ashrafieh, unveils freshly steamed mussels from the cocotte they were boiled in, the room is instantly enlivened -- "ohh" and "ahh" her customers say, as if it were a magic trick.
No entanto, algumas vezes, o espectro da mulher de bar, sem importancia, ou aquele da cocotte refinada, aparecem da mesma forma, como no poema "Contrast", no qual os dois aspectos sao colocados face a face: "Mulher--uma mascara de cores,/Uma cocotte cheia de refinamento--/Voce, que grita no final da dissipacao, /Voce dificilmente pode sentir os sonhadores .
From the impressive French-inspired menu, the selections included Pan Seared Arctic Char (fish that belongs to the salmon family caught in deep, cold glacial lakes in Europe) on potato gnocchi, broccoletti, oyster mushrooms with sage emulsion; Roasted Rack of Lamb on crispy citrus polenta, spring vegetable fricassee with sauce gremolata (chopped herb condiment made of lemon zest, garlic and parsley); Grilled Escargot En Cocotte and Coq Au Vin.
Fried * Scrambled * Shirred * Steamed * Poached * Poached scrambled eggs * Eggs en cocotte * Eggs Benedict * Eggs Florentine * Frittata * Spanish tortilla * Torta * Strata * Quiche * Omelet * Timbale * Egg casserole * Egg foo yong * Avgolemono soup * Egg drop soup * Huevos rancheros * Migas * Croque madame * Egg salad
Oeufs en cocotte 1 egg per person 50g spinach 1 rasher of streaky bacon Pinch of nutmeg 1 tbsp cream 25g Parmesan Handful of chives Method Preheat over to 180C/gas mark 4.
El pot au feu, la petit marmite, les oeufs cocotte o los omelette fines herbes, de la cuisine fiancaise de los bouns gourmets, sin salir de casa.
The Table d' hote menu gave us a choice of a two or three-course meal featuring bisque and Duck Egg Cocotte for starters.
Last night, Byrne said diners can expect British favourites such as beerbattered Fleetwood scampi, along with some of his own classics, including Rose veal rack with wild mushrooms, broad beans, cocotte potatoes and white port cream sauce.