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the edible white meat of a coconut

large hard-shelled oval nut with a fibrous husk containing thick white meat surrounding a central cavity filled (when fresh) with fluid or milk

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The responsibility of getting rid of destroyed coconut trees falls on the municipal and barangay local government units and coconut landowners and tenants.
The saturated fats found in coconut oil are a specific type called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs)," explains Jenna Rosenfeld, MS, RD, CDN, CNSC, a senior registered dietitian at Weill Cornell.
The government should instead encourage planting of coconut trees and train youth to harvest coconuts to ensure a steady supply to the local population," Coutinho said.
De la Rosa said that during the 1990s, when the coconut-industry was described as a 'sunset industry,' coconut-oil millers were only able to operate 40 percent to 50 percent of capacity, as there were not enough coconuts to process, and the price of copra sank.
The most appealing categories for coconut were bakery and confectionery, while coconut-based yogurts were the least well-received.
Garin also sought the inclusion of the Agrarian Reform Secretary in the Coconut Farmers and Industry Development Trust Fund Committee, bringing its membership to 17.
Google searches for coconut and health that show consumer interest in coconuts health benefits has been growing globally since 2010.
The popularity of coconut oil has rapidly expanded, making it one of the most popular oils in most plant-based and clean eaters' kitchens," says John Roulac, founder and chief visionary officer of the Richmond, Calif.
On the other hand, man has discovered that a coconut shell is also good as a material for charcoal making.
The coconut sugar adds a really caramelly tinge to the cookies and the orange rounds it off for brilliantly balanced flavour.
Instead of doing all this, apply coconut oil on hair for the night and wash in the morning.
Bona fide coconut farmers could also benefit from the proceeds of the sale of the coco levy.
There are many claims on the internet that the fat in coconut oil is metabolized differently from other saturated fats.
Toast the desiccated coconut for the garnish in a dry frying pan for five to seven minutes, until golden brown.
INGREDIENTS For the coconut meringues: medium freerange egg whites; 100g caster sugar; 100g icing sugar, sifted; 70g unsweetened desiccated coconut For the compote: large ripe pineapple, peeled, cored and cut into 1cm cubes; 2 star anise; 1/2 lemongrass stalk, bashed; juice of 1 lime; 70g soft dark brown sugar For the whipped coconut cream: 80ml coconut milk; 200ml double cream, both chilled For the garnish: 6tbsp unsweetened desiccated coconut METHOD 1.