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Synonyms for cocoa

a beverage made from cocoa powder and milk and sugar

powder of ground roasted cacao beans with most of the fat removed

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Despite this--there is a continually mounting demand for cocoa and chocolate.
This collaborative research project is expected to result in higher quality chocolate from superior quality Malaysian cocoa beans.
A company statement said: "The proposal is not a reflection on the quality of ADM Cocoa Hull's product or people.
The tests revealed a significant and sustained improvement in skin elasticity among participants from the cocoa flavanol group of up to 34% after six months.
DisplaySitting down of an afternoon or evening to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa is usually not something one does in a rush.
(2005) stated that the presence of contaminant lead in cocoa bean shells is substantiated by the concentrations of lead in the soil profiles.
Cocoa Partners, LP, the owners and developers of Cocoa Exchange, enlisted the expertise of Colum McCartan and his design team at McCartan Design, a noted interior design firm acknowledged for their award winning hospitality designs, to transform the interior and common spaces within the landmark building.
And there are other parallels with coffee: As demand rose for chocolate, farmers began replacing native shade-grown cocoa with a high-yield, low-quality hybrid that can be grown in open fields with the help of industrial chemicals.
Until now, the earliest leftovers of cocoa consumption were in residues from a Maya tomb in Guatemala from A.D.
ANSWER: Cocoa and hot chocolate contain very little caffeine as compared to other caffeinated beverages.
"The impact has been devastating," says Wallace Setenta, president of the National Association of Cocoa Producers.
Cocoa, Ghana's second largest export earner and for long the economy's backbone, is in danger.
Scientists in a Penn State University research program developed a process to clone genetically identical cocoa trees from cocoa flowers, which could enhance cocoa plant quality on a large scale.
Even if stearic acid were harmless, that wouldn't make cocoa butter healthy, because it contains other saturated fats.