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low table where magazines can be placed and coffee or cocktails are served


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Furthermore, a one-piece meal table and cocktail table offer a range of dining options, whilst an integrated reading light and mood light controls enable customers to work, read or relax.
A choice of interior finishes include matching grain oak in semi-gloss finish around a U-shaped couch with lounge opposite to port, which usefully for such a stylish racer even has a cocktail table.
There's a step-down head compartment in the console, cushioned bow seating, a cocktail table and a unique, bow-mounted boarding ladder.
Stripe it rich with a versatile side table by Pearson veneered in black agate and white wax stone, a designer look used alone or bunched to create a cocktail table ($1,425).
Morgan's favorite hobby is waiting until I'm settled on the couch with a glass of wine, and then sauntering over to the cocktail table, bored, to knock it over with her paw.
Some of the features of the new cabin include seats equipped with a universal power supply outlet, a multi-port connector, a personal TV, the StudioCX on-demand entertainment system, a large meal table, and an extendable cocktail table.
These seats have an individual cocktail table, a one-piece meal table, a buddy seat and ample storage.
net 4 Revco International has a new Candice Olson line, including this Morrison cocktail table, an oval-shaped design with matched veneers and metal accents.
Great as a cocktail table for any time your interior needs a colonial kick.
For each cocktail table we chose various water ponds made out of stone.
This show all came from his imagination," she says, sitting at a cocktail table at the cozy Club Fugazi in the city's North Beach district.
Luck was with us and we scored a prime cocktail table.
The Patchwork cocktail table, also topped with rectangles in different finishes, includes space for individual snackers' plates and utensils.
These low seating arrangements--higher than a cocktail table, but lower than a dining table--are also referred to as chat groups.