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The site will feature in-depth coverage of the latest cocktail news, trends, bartender profiles, recipes, product launches, tools, techniques, and spirits history, while providing an inside look at unique cocktail cultures around the globe.
2 Add your favourite fruit to personalise your cocktail.
A state-of-the art mobile cocktail bar is staffed by professional cocktail bartenders mixing alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.
The event is coming to Birmingham from July 10-12, with cocktail guzzlers signing up online and buying a wristband for PS6.
Why is Cocktail Week great, the clue is in the title," said David.
The Brand Ambassadors forecast ten main trends in cocktails over the next year: || Vintage and premium spirits gaining over standard spirits ||Bitter flavours on the rise and the use of herbs, spices and sours ||Vegetable juice cocktails ||More creative use of ice ||Greater use of ready-made cocktail mixes ||Low calorie ingredients in 'skinny' cocktails || Simpler cocktails using fewer ingredients || Smaller cocktail serves but better quality ||Increase in pitcher serves in mainstreamThey say that the five cocktails ordered most frequently - Mojito, Pina Colada, Cosmopolitan, Margarita and Bloody Mary - will be joined by less familiar Caipirinhas, Collins', Sours and Tiki cocktails.
Summer in the city just got more interesting with a whole host of city centre bars and venues on board to celebrate NE1 Newcastle Cocktail Week.
Pre-batch your cocktail ingredients pitcher-style and leave finishing touches for your guests to complete.
But I can't see a return to the cocktail parties of the seventies, as people would be so busy making cocktails for guests, they wouldn't have time to enjoy themselves.
In honor of the 200th Birthday of the American Cocktail, which is being celebrated around the world on May 13, Frequent Flyer checked out three very different bars in two towns that know how to enjoy a drink, where business travelers can feel very much at home, entertaining a customer, catching up with a colleague, or forging new friendships.
22 -- The Association of Real Estate Women will hold a fall cocktail reception from 6:00 p.
Since when did the wine list take back burner to this new menu that seems to shift seasonally--the specialty cocktail list?
New this Christmas from Canterbury Foods, tel:0173 222 8700, are Pigs in Blankets - prime pork cocktail sausages ready-wrapped in smoky bacon for festive catering convenience.
In a recent profile of Southwest Airlines CEO Herb Kelleher, CE noted that Texas businessman Rollin King and Kelleher drew up the business plan for the fledgling airline on "a cocktail napkin in a local bar.
The researchers dosed one set of rats with a cocktail that represents the normal rat's intestinal flora.