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Synonyms for cockscomb

garden annual with featherlike spikes of red or yellow flowers

a conceited dandy who is overly impressed by his own accomplishments

a cap worn by court jesters


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the fleshy red crest on the head of the domestic fowl and other gallinaceous birds

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Comparison of in vitro and in vivo inflorescence of common cockscomb (Celosia argentea var.
The exhibition defines four masters of the Senoufo ethnic group: the Lataha Masters; the Master of the Shovel Hands; the Master of the Cockscomb Hairstyle; and the Master of the Arched Back.
Chrysanthemums, jasmine, roses, marigold, tuberoses, oleander, lotus buds, cockscomb...the list was endless.
Collar rot induced by Macrophomina phaseolina recently appeared as one of the most significant constraints to the production of Cockscomb (Celosia argentea L.) an ornamental plant.
Cerca de la mitad del territorio beliceno es reclamado por Guatemala, que corresponde a la parte sur del pais angloparlante, es decir, la zona meridional desde las ciudades de Belice, San Ignacio y la capital Belmolpan hasta la frontera actual, lo que abarca las reservas forestales de Sibun, Melinda, Mountain Pine Ridge, Cockscomb Basin, Colombia y el Parque Nacional de Sarstooth; ademas de las poblaciones de Punta Gorga y Dangriga.
In other beds are Malaysian mums, green and yellow buttons, palong palong (red cockscomb), baby's breath and putoputo (small white chrysanthemum variety).
Las Vegas, NV, July 20, 2014 --( Grand Canyon Consulting Group announced today that it has been selected to manage the design and construction of the new Cockscomb Restaurant led by the celebrity chef and recent winner of the Top Chef Masters, Chris Cosentino.
Reproductive biology and female parental care in the cockscomb prickleback, Anoplarchus purprescens (Pisces: Stichaeidae).
Anzu wyliei - the first part of its name is derived from a bird-like demon in Mesopotamian mythology - weighed 500 pounds, measured 11.5ft head to tail, and sported a cockscomb crest.
The bridal couple seemed to come out of the pages of Vogue - Marnely Salvador radiant in beaded white gown by Veluz Puno Reyes and Joseph Calata (most eligible bachelor of Manila after PNoy) handsome in his signature cockscomb and suited by Francis Libiran.
in the Cockscomb Basin of Belize, opossums appeared more frequently in scat than any other type of prey (Konecny, 1989), and in Soberania National Park, Panama, xenarthrans were the most common prey (Moreno et al., 2006).
Master Sakaida Kakiemon XIV created the most costly piece in the show - a large white porcelain vase with polychrome over-glazed cockscomb decorations.
Often referred to as cockscomb, the flower heads are usually bright red, pink or yellow with cream, apricot, orange, gold or salmon varieties.
Las especies paragua han sido ampliamente utilizadas para la seleccion y diseno de areas protegidas (Noss et al., 1996; Caro y O'Doherty, 1999; Hitt y Frissell, 2004) como el caso de los nus (Connoehaetes taurinus) utilizados para definir los limites del Parque Nacional Serengeti en Tanzania, o el jaguar (Panthera onca) empleado para disenar la Reserva de Cockscomb en Belize (Caro, 2003).
The large acorn caps from saw tooth and bur oaks were favorite bathtub fixtures and the velvety red inflorescence of the giant cockscomb where especially popular as "upscale" pillows and upholstery materials.