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a small loft or garret

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After opening with a description of how he had jumped from his ship into a mudhole surrounded by a herd of swine, the pseudonymous Jeremy Cockloft focused in 1811 on the port's insalubrious marketplaces and uncomfortable lodgings.
One recent issue detailed the response to a fire in Woodhaven, Queens, in early 2009 in which wind gusting to 55 mph pumped fire through a common cockloft (or void) that ran through 20 wood-framed buildings--one of which, inconveniently, held more than 2,000 rounds of ammunition that began exploding when the flames hit.
Salmagundi was originally published by William Irving, James Kirke Paulding, and Washington Irving, all writing under such pseudonyms as Anthony Evergreen, Jeremy Cockloft the Younger, Will Wizard, Pindar Cockloft, Esq.
One inquisitive adventurer is said to have ensconced himself for some days in the cockloft, where he watched Samuel at wor through a gimlet hole pierced through the ceiling (French, 1970, p.
A lively friendship sprang up among the young men, who formed the nucleus of a group they called The Nine Worthies of Cockloft Hall.
The fire extended into the attic and the cockloft, Deputy Fire Chief Kevin Curran said.