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a young domestic cock

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Laughing parents encouraged the children to keep chasing the Orpington cockerel, known as Jack.
The law of averages says it will be one hen and one cockerel.
John Corker of Pelton who is one of the concerned cockerel keepers
It looks as if a fox got in and killed a cockerel, two hens and Noel the turkey.
Lynda Hourston, of the Ayr rescue centre, said: "Doodle is an adult cockerel who is very sad and lonely at the moment.
According to this letter I am 'not adhering to abatement notice issued previously due to complaints from neighbours being constantly woken up by the resident's cockerel in the early hours of the morning.
But pensioner John Featherstone was livid at the thought of having to evict his beloved cockerel Charlie.
London, September 4 ( ANI ): A woman had her precious diamond earring accidentally swallowed by her pet Peckish cockerel, which was perched on her shoulder, and will now have to wait until the death of the bird, to retrieve her jewellery item which is worth 300 pounds.
The cockerel, who used to have four hens vying for his attention, was left with only Berol to keep his libido satisfied after three of the lot died.
A COCKEREL evicted from a Tyneside housing estate after a complaint about his crowing has found love.
The owner of a cockerel stolen from a Warwickshire pub fears it may have been stolen to be used in a cock fight.
The star of the collections will be a superb Llanelli cockerel plate.
Today's cockerel is tomorrow's feather duster" - Actor Chris O'Dowd, quoting his colleague Wayne Blair on the vicissitudes faced by the acting profession.
AN "ugly duckling" cockerel used as bait for a killer fox has blossomed into a UK title-winning beauty.