cocker spaniel

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a small breed with wavy silky hair

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uk Biscuit is a show cocker spaniel and was donated to Hearing Dogs by breeder Margaret Burnham, of Cleckheaton.
Sprinkled throughout the country is a cadre of devoted American cocker spaniel owners and breeders who are devoted to keeping the hunting tradition alive through selective breeding and, just as importantly, hunting with their cockers.
The price of cocker spaniels has also gone up, with each puppy selling for up to [pounds sterling]1,000.
WEIGHT TO GO J Cocker spaniel Billy was a colosal 23.
Richard Nixon's tear-jerking TV performance focused on a cocker spaniel
Borg was the most beautiful, playful cocker spaniel," recalls Simaei.
He belongs to a litter of cocker spaniels from one of Carole Middleton's friends near home," Us magazine quoted a palace aide as saying.
She was injured and neglected, but here's the happy ending: She was flown to Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England and has now found a permanent, loving home.
color) Cherie Gigliotti and Norm Steinberg enjoy some "famil y time" with their 22-year-old cocker spaniel, Uno, at Gigliotti's Biju Pet Spa in Sherman Oaks.
And then we come to the cocker spaniel with his/her floor-mopping ears, stocky legs, droopy eyes and hips with more wiggle than Marilyn Monroe.
Some breeds will be familiar, such as the bull terrier, schnauzer, dachshund, cocker spaniel, collie, and Cairn terrier (Toto in The Wizard of Oz).
Apparently, he had followed Lori home from walking her cocker spaniel, and the dog, or Lori, or both were on his luncheon menu.
Well, I would say I'm more of a cocker spaniel than a rottweiler.
Lamker is married to a consulting agronomist for Precision Partners and has one child, age 11 and a Cocker Spaniel named Peanut.
Myles, now 5, is a small-built, high-energy boy with thick curly hair and precocious verbal skills: He recently described his new cocker spaniel as having ears that are "soft and sort of lumpy.