cocker spaniel

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a small breed with wavy silky hair

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Lupo has been blamed for the rise in cocker spaniel thefts in the past.
He belongs to a litter of cocker spaniels from one of Carole Middleton's friends near home," Us magazine quoted a palace aide as saying.
She was injured and neglected, but here's the happy ending: She was flown to Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England and has now found a permanent, loving home.
Uno's a cocker spaniel and, according to Steinberg, just turned 22 New Year's Day.
Dog lovers, more specifically Cocker Spaniel lovers, rejoice.
PERHAPS, in those slow smiling, biscuit-dunking moments of warm sighs, you can imagine the pink and blue angels in Heaven sitting at their desks with wings neatly folded, chortling behind their hands, as God shows them his design for the cocker spaniel.
Some breeds will be familiar, such as the bull terrier, schnauzer, dachshund, cocker spaniel, collie, and Cairn terrier (Toto in The Wizard of Oz).
Apparently, he had followed Lori home from walking her cocker spaniel, and the dog, or Lori, or both were on his luncheon menu.
Well, I would say I'm more of a cocker spaniel than a rottweiler.
Lamker is married to a consulting agronomist for Precision Partners and has one child, age 11 and a Cocker Spaniel named Peanut.
Myles, now 5, is a small-built, high-energy boy with thick curly hair and precocious verbal skills: He recently described his new cocker spaniel as having ears that are "soft and sort of lumpy.
Jesse, a cocker spaniel owned by Orville and Alice Partch of Veneta, takes advantage of Orville's absence to take a nap in his chair.
To situate these brand-new images within the four-decade career of the photographer from Memphis, Tennessee, one descends to the lower level, where the viewer is greeted by another dog: a cocker spaniel puppy photographed in 1965 in the artist's hometown.
Buddy, a cocker spaniel, looks the picture of health with his lustrous coat and manicured paws.