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Police are appealing for information after the 18-year-old male yellow crested cockatoo, called Alice, was taken from the Far Forest.
In mitigation defence lawyers argued that cockatoos were so numerous in Australia they were treated as vermin by farmers.
He has been visiting Armitage's since he was 15 weeks old and is very talkative for a cockatoo.
The punk-looking palm cockatoos have a different claim to fame--the males carefully select and shape sticks that they drum on hollow tree trunks to attract mates.
Cocky, a Greater Sulphur- crested cockatoo, is white with a yellow plume and is worth in the region of 1,000.
Police were called to Queensland's White Cockatoo resort near Port Douglas when he was accused of being disrespectful to four women guests who had turned up in the nude.
Gary Moore, trainer of Altilhar, Cockatoo and Silent Wind "We've always held Altilhar in quite high regard but, after running a good race at Huntingdon, he disappointed us last time out.
Three Philippine cockatoo chicks are being hand-reared at Chester Zoo in Cheshire after they were hatched in incubators.
He once rang her and demanded to hear her pet cockatoo on the phone to prove she was at home.
The two African Greys were stolen - along with a cockatoo - from an aviary in Woodbrook Avenue, Slatyford, Newcastle.
"Ness the Underdressed Cockatoo" is a special book about a real bird, a featherless cockatoo "mascot" bird named Oscar who lives Humane Society of Broward County, Florida.
A COCKATOO at the centre of a court case ruffled feathers after forcing judges out of court to prove he could not fly.
In 2007, a suite of twenty three rock chip samples (CKR001 - CKR023) collected from surface at the south-eastern end of Cockatoo Island were submitted to Ammtec Ltd in Perth to test outcropping iron mineralisation within the keel of a plunging fold nose in the central part of the island as potential feed source for a WHIMS beneficiation project.
The royals arrived in Sydney on Monday and will spend nine days in Australia, visiting places like Dubbo, Melbourne, Fraser Island and Cockatoo Island, where they would watch the Invictus Games.
A COCKATOO has finally been reunited with its handlers at a Stockton pet store.