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small grey Australian parrot with a yellow crested head

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A five-year-old cockatiel was admitted to NURFS-CETAS of the UFPel for treatment.
The diet consisted of a seed mixture (Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Cockatiel Food with Safflower; Kaytee Products, Inc, Chilton, WI, USA), as well as an extruded formulated diet (Zupreem Naturals Budgerigar, Premium Nutritional Products, Inc, Shawnee, KS, USA), fed out of plastic bowls.
Vickie Richards Barton, from Cardigan, owns around 50 cockatiels and budgies, and had fed her birds as usual last Wednesday.
A video of the cockatiel named Lucky had been uploaded by Vimeo user Ben Pluimer.
A video that went viral Tuesday shows a cockatiel channeling a ringing iPhone.
The event was organized by PMAS-AAUR in collaboration with Northern Budgerigar Cockatiel Club and Department of Wildlife.
Your cockatiel should be housed in the largest cage you can fit in the area that you have chosen.
This week we had a gorgeous, very friendly cockatiel arrive into our care.
Freeman, mother Nora Dell, dogs Rocky and Fifi, and the cockatiel were stuck.
Betsy the male cockatiel, who is known to sing "If You're Happy and You Know It," went missing last Thursday after the wind blew him outside when owner Laura Lambert opened the door.
Also stolen were in that time were 24 rabbits, seven ferrets, seven cats, two snakes, a budgie, a cockatiel and koi carp.
A HOMELESS family claim they have been forced to live in a car with their two cats, a dog and a cockatiel.
Exotic breeds of cats and dogs and several species of birds including the Australian bajri, cockatiel, love birds, jabra, canary, Indian parrot, grey parrot, peacock and parakeet are available here.
He talked to a friend who was opening a pet store and learned a cockatiel was about to be born.
An animal welfare officer present at the purchase visit last July also noticed a cockatiel in the store that appeared to be in distress.