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not some cockamamy dream of yours to manage the Giants."
Matalin's husband, Democratic operative and TV commentator James Carville, who appeared with her on Meet the Press, dismissed her arguments as "cockamamy."
A particularly effective analyst of the constitutionality of the military-tribunals edict has been The New York Times columnist William Safire, writing of "Bush's cockamamy order to deny the rule of law and public trial to those accused of terrorism." Accurately self- described as "a libertarian conservative Republican contrarian iconoclast," Safire, with jeremiads from his pulpit at the Times -- along with caustic editorials in the Times, The Washington Post, and The Washington Times, among other papers -- alerted Defense Secretary Donald H.
The key is to get out of this cockamamy aerospace biz and back into weaponry.
For a different view of Spanish life, go instead to Ek's cockamamy Carmen for Cullberg Ballet and revel in a spirited and gutsy heroine who's more than equal to Don Jose and Escamillo.