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Nevertheless, it would be nice to still be churning out cockamamie opinions each Saturday long after Big Brother is a bad memory, surviving into an age where Davina McCall, housemates and evictions are all things of the past.
13) To the dismay of many military professionals, promoters of cockamamie EBO concepts prevailed on writers of joint doctrine to include several of its key components in Joint Publication (JP) 3-0, Joint Operations, and JP 5-0, Joint Operation Planning.
I want to be able to come back and balance the books, and when you take cash out of my system, it's so cockamamie, that you never can figure out anything.
Instead, as the book wears on, Gorner becomes more diffuse and incongruous until, when we last meet him, quite oddly and abruptly, the evil genius is unnecessarily clad in some cockamamie disguise, complete with a bushy false beard.
An FBI man berates the New Jersey detectives for the cockamamie idea.
It is cockamamie to think that California is even considering a $700million plan to rectify our jail system, when Gov.
He said the secret missions detailed in the family jewels "ranged from the cockamamie to quite sinister.
And, while I'm picking on methodology, why not attack use cases that are developed solely because they are mandated by a number of cockamamie tools that cost companies a wad of bucks but end up reflecting a current-state environment rather than a specific future-state environment?
To me, what's fascinating here is that this becomes the poster child for not pulling the trigger on every cockamamie itch that some overpaid, over-egoed overlord CEO dreams up while he's drifting off to sleep at night.
Axtell, writing of such words as scram and cockamamie in his book Do's and Taboos of Using English Around the World, observes that American English "has evolved into a special dialect that reflects the American obsession with idioms, slang, jargon, buzz words, acronyms and sports and military technology.
How such a cockamamie rule could have been proposed in the first place amazes me.
On my entirely unscientific survey of the first 24 citizens of la belle province--whoops, nation--I ran into, not one gives a hoot about this phony-baloney cockamamie nation-within-a-state concept--or, as Ignatieff puts it, recommending Quebecers say it "with pride," "Le Quebec est ma nation, le Canada est mon pays.
The cockamamie idea, code-named "Operation Merlin," was to have a former Soviet nuclear scientist deliver the blueprints, which intentionally had a defect in them, so as to send the Iranians down the wrong trail and to let U.
THIS government has dreamed up some brilliant cockamamie schemes in its time, but this latest beats them all.