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As for the larger question of whether Pandora would allow her brother to swallow her life whole, I can assure you, without giving away too much, that Shriver manages to redeem this cockamamie scenario in the end.
The New Hampshire Constitution plainly bars this cockamamie scheme.
Be your proud self and stop schlepping all that cockamamie ancestral baggage around.
Cerf devised a cockamamie plan to reorganize the NYC school system," wrote Class Size Matters director Leonie Ham-son in a lengthy Hujjington Post attack not long after he took the reins in New Jersey.
He did not say where he got the cockamamie idea that the US government has banned episodes of The Simpsons.
Frankly, I have been absolutely aghast when seeing the cockamamie fingerings I enslaved myself with in past times and, in many cases, these were totally my own concoctions.
My father was one of the most ingenious men I have ever met; when you looked at him, you could see the wheels turning in his brain, spinning to soup up a crazy and cockamamie business deal that only he could pull off, or some new and creative way to keep the ever present Israeli forces at bay.
In politics these days, every cockamamie idea is given a respectful hearing in the press.
They are vulnerable to witch-doctor technicians who announce the need for new trillions in spending or some new cockamamie scheme for regulation.
The three Irish priests were probably drinking scotches or wine with their meal while hatching up the whole cockamamie story, roaring with laughter till their eyes watered.
Of all the cockamamie schemes dreamed up by anti-rights advocates to deny American citizens the right to keep and bear arms, the absolute silliest may be the gun buyback programs and the efforts to melt collected guns so they don't end up "back on the street.
When financial trauma leaves your clients paralyzed, apathetic and depressed, or with cockamamie financial ideas, take time to slow down, listen to them fully and with compassion and sensitivity, then patiently educate (or remind) them about the fundamentals of prudent investing.
The same person will challenge every assertion made by the government or the mass media about Roswell or the Kennedy assassination, and then proceed to embrace the most cockamamie theory without even doing a minimum of legwork to test it.
My discussant found it self-evident that allowing politicians greater room to maneuver was a cockamamie idea -- and he assumed the audience would concur.
I don't know what cockamamie story Lynn concocted, but in the excitement that followed, details seemed unimportant.