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Turkey's cockamamie monetary policy is a result of the country's president stripping the central bank of its independence and instituting his belief that high interest rates cause inflation.
Look at the cockamamie schemes they're coming up with.
For the goys in attendance, the program contains a helpful glossary called "Yiddish 101," containing definitions for terms like farbissina punim, shpilkes, and facacta (and strangely, cockamamie, which derives from French).
All we have to do is: 1) be white, 2) carry guns and 3) state any cockamamie rationale we can think of for our "stand."
He deployed his men around Gibson's car, armed with shotguns and an AR-15 rifle, and came up with a cockamamie scheme to shoot out his rear window with a shotgun "beanbag" round, at which point pepper spray could be fired into the car to force him to exit.
Strunk and White, writing in the early and middle decades of the twentieth century, condemned then-new verbs like personalize, finalize, host, chair, and debut, and warned writers never to use fix for "repair" or claim for "declare." Worse, they justified their peeves with cockamamie rationalizations.
His cockamamie complaint went viral, but most of the attention seemed to come not from Christians offended by a red disposable coffee cup but from people weary of a decade-long attempt to equate inclusive marketing with religious persecution.
Everyone has a solution, including the cockamamie one to keep private vehicles off EDSA during rush hours.
"On several occasions I have called the formula that we labor under in terms of educational funding as a town cockamamie,'' Selectman Paul M.
Parliamentary attendance is rightly criticised, let alone its performance, while the proposal to ban a 'class of expats' from driving is, according to the criticism it has provoked, another bit of cockamamie legislation which is contrary to the international support for human rights that Bahrain has signed up to.
Dyster championed each and every one of Elia's cockamamie ideas about how the city should be run, and each had close ties to a pair of mysterious Erie County organizations: The Buffalo Niagara Partnership (BNP) and Buffalo Niagara Enterprise (BNE), which shared offices at the same Main Street, Buffalo, address, board members and much, much more.
"I grew up hearing my father lose patience with His mother's crackpot cockamamie stories, calling them bubbe meises?
But we don't live in that world and every time these cockamamie public bans come out, we look like a bunch of extremists who haven't quite caught up with the notion that there is a world beyond the Arabian peninsula.
Ionic liquid-based sol-gel fiber that was self-constructed laboratorially by Gao and coworkers [22] for headspace solid-phase microextraction, which enhanced the extraction efficiency of TEHP and repeatability, is of cockamamie manipulation and high technology requirement and is hard to be promoted.