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an ornament (such as a knot of ribbon or a rosette) usually worn on the hat

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For many years there, [inaudible] significantly curtailed during the mating season of an endangered species--again, as it happens, the Red Cockaded Woodpecker.
The 1985 Red- cockaded Woodpecker Recovery Plan allowed clear-cutting, but the newly revised draft 2000 plan recommends against clear-cutting of natural pine stands in all national forests, military installations and national wildlife refuges that provide habitat for the species, or that are potential recovery areas.
Environmental groups soon enjoined other wildlife into the fight: the Red Cockaded Woodpecker, the brown bear, the marbled murrelet, not to mention plants and even fungi.
Some of the stories would grab anyone--the tale, for example, of the South Carolina wood lot owner who couldn't log because redheaded cockaded woodpeckers moved in.
The endangered red cockaded woodpecker hangs out all around the South.
Trading habitat patches for the Red Cockaded Woodpecker: Incorporating the role of landscape structure and uncertainty in decision making.
The Founders would also likely be surprised to learn that the federal government had taken an interest in grizzly bears and red cockaded woodpeckers.
See Bean, supra note 126, at 10, 703 (describing red cockaded woodpecker guidelines).
A famous North Carolina case shows how this worked with the endangered red- cockaded woodpecker (RCW), which lives in old-growth pines.
The projects include establishing wetlands to provide drinking water and prey for Indiana bats; distributing low-wattage light bulbs to prevent young sea turtles from becoming disoriented by bright beach lighting; planting Mauna Kea silversword plants in areas of Hawaii where they will be protected; constructing artificial habitat for red- cockaded woodpeckers (left) on private property; and erecting a barrier at the edge of a Utah reserve to keep off-road vehicles out of desert tortoise habitat.
is there a stream nearby which needs to be protected or is this a red cockaded woodpecker habitat.
The land is also home to a number of colonies of red cockaded woodpeckers the "spotted owl" of the South.