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an ornament (such as a knot of ribbon or a rosette) usually worn on the hat

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'Between Bloody Marys, and blue cockades, and glorious Queen Besses, and no Poperys, and Protestant associations, and making of speeches,' pursued John Grueby, looking, as usual, a long way off, and taking no notice of this hint, 'my lord's half off his head.
The escort were two mounted patriots in red caps and tri-coloured cockades, armed with national muskets and sabres, who rode one on either side of him.
But inside a second, concealed double lid opens to reveal a finely enamelled portrait of Prince Charles Edward Stuart in tartan jacket with orders of the Garter and Thistle decorations, white cockade and blue bonnet.
The hands of the next man are not represented; he wears headgear with an opulent front cockade, big earrings and a necklace.
The White Cockade Society - a re-enactment group made up of musicians, artists and bards - got together to mark 30 years since the opening of the Rob Roy Centre in the town.
Stage 2 tumors consist of viable cells with a variable amount of central necrosis or calcification and appear as the cockade sign, which describes a well-defined lytic lesion with a central calcification.
However, one sample, 1268, is on a hydraulic brecciated zone with 'cockade' texture where fragments of black shales from Segovia sedimentary rocks are cemented by crystals aggregates of massive texture.
(46) Perilla Kinchin & Juliet Kinchin, Glasgow's Great Fxhibitions: 1888, 1901, 1911, 1938, 1988 (Oxon: White Cockade, 1988), 46.
On 1 February 1750/1, for example, a male infant of five weeks arrived with a textile token (a cockade made from blue silk ribbon).
To mark this day, people usually wear a cockade with the national colors (red, white, and green), watch street performances, and listen to traditional Hungarian music.
Cockade overgrowth textures [30] within some of the euhedral pyrite crystals are also observed in thin sections (Figure 4(b)).
Dressed in a long gown, she completed her outfit by sticking a black and white coiled ribbon called a cockade in her hat band.
Uniforms, at least for the rank-and-file, were modest, consisting of a black frock coat, black trousers, black stock (neck-cloth) buff vest, white cotton gloves and archaic tricorn Continental cocked hat with Union cockade. Officers were expected to equip themselves "as they should judge best." This admonition expressed itself in similar styles of blue military coats complete with gold epaulettes, sashes, belts and swords.
I still have the bullseye (the blue, white and red cockade) from the right-hand side of B6424."