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a conduit that resembles a bridge but carries water over a valley

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MRI performed on postoperative day 1 showed no evidence of an enlarged vestibular or cochlear aqueduct on either side.
Regarding the cochlear aqueduct, only the initial portion was visible, without dilatation or patency of the distal part (not shown on images).
Anatomical measurements of the cochlear aqueduct, round window membrane, round window niche, and facial recess.
Cochlear aqueduct flow resistance is not constant during evoked inner ear pressure change in the guinea pig.
On those rare occasions when fluid does escape from the inner ear through the round or oval window, it is not perilymph but cerebrospinal fluid secondary to an enlarged cochlear aqueduct or modiolus.
A decrease in cerebrospinal fluid pressure may result in an endolymphatic hydrops through a patent cochlear aqueduct or through the fundus of the internal auditory canal.
Such anomalies include a dilated internal auditory canal fundus, a dilated vestibule, an enlarged cochlear aqueduct (specifically, the otic segment), an enlarged vestibular aqueduct, and cochlear dysplasia.