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the snail-shaped tube (in the inner ear coiled around the modiolus) where sound vibrations are converted into nerve impulses by the organ of Corti

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Lot 1 - "type i cochlear implant" - includes 4 nomenclature units: - nom.
The conference was held under the slogan "Hear and Talk" in the presence of a group of professors and experts from around the world and was organised by the conference's board, the Egyptian ORL Society, Arab Society of Otology and Audiology (ASOA), and Cochlear Implant Unit at Cairo University.
Often referred to as 'bionic ears,' cochlear implants are much different than hearing aids, which only amplify sounds, experts say.
Implantable hearing solutions company Cochlear Limited (ASX:COH) reported on Monday the receipt of approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for the first telehealth remote feature that allows follow-up programming sessions for the nucleus cochlear implant system.
The presence of background noise significantly degrades speech recognition with cochlear implant devices.
She was born profoundly deaf and had the first of two cochlear implants at two years old.
Cochlear implants are among the most important achievements of modern medicine because for the first time in history, an electronic device can restore a lost sense--hearing.
The results of cochlear implantation in children who have additional disabilities are noticeably different from those in deaf children who have no additional disabilities.
The main indication for cochlear implant is severe to profound SN hearing loss, in both ear that is not adequately treated with hearing aids.
KARACHI -- Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) under its Cochlear Implant Programme, during past three years, has implanted 40 hearing challenged children with the gadget that could help empower them lead a quality life.
Implantable auditory technology — which, apart from cochlear implants, includes auditory brainstem implants, bone anchored hearing aids, and implantable middle ear devices — is an emerging field, and these devices represent a new era in hearing rehabilitation.
Foreign body reaction is a rare complication after cochlear implantation.
Amman, June 24 (Petra) -- HRH the Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II, the Regent, on Wednesday, visited cochlear surgery department at King Hussein Medical Center and checked on patients who had received cochlear implants as part of Prince Hussein's initiative, "Hearing Without Borders.
A recent small study (JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, March 12) suggests that older adults with profound hearing loss who undergo cochlear implantation show improved cognition, speech perception, and fewer symptoms of depression afterwards.
THE Audiology and Balance Unit at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) organised an orientation meeting for children with cochlear implants and their families recently.