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a red dyestuff consisting of dried bodies of female cochineal insects

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Mexican red scale insect that feeds on cacti

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Finely woven of natural cream and brown Churro wool and raveled bayeta dyed with cochineal and indigo; classic nine-point stepped diamonds against a banded field, 67 x 58 in.
That is due to the rise of the red velvet cupcake allergy which is all due to cochineal.
They are also called upon to draw up contingency plans to determine the immediate action to be taken in the event of the introduction of the Cochineal, especially as this parasite can travel even in hay bales, animals, straw bales, he added on the fringes of a training workshop for Maghreb journalists.
The gnarled trunk has been covered, almost beyond recognition, with wine-red powder made from the crushed bodies of cochineal insects, while white carnation petals have been sprinkled on the base of the construction.
The source of her hues ranges from the cochineal insect which creates deep scarlet and crimson tones, the azure of Mayan pigments extracted from the flowers and leaves of the indigo plant, and deep yellows derived from the marigold flower.
The exhibition encourages us to think of these manuscripts as harbours of colour, treasuries in which gold, vermilion, and cochineal have been happed in darkness, persisting while the depredations of time and iconoclasm have compromised the more obvious repositories of paintings, sculpture, and stained glass.
Lucinda Law painted delicate cactus plants on her pair which she titled 'Carminas' after 'Mexico's tiny, spirited cochineal insects and prickly pear cactus feeders, which produce the pigment called carmin.
The installation comprises six delicate drawings made on worn papers and 10 handmade notebooks made with two inks: Armenian red, extracted from the endangered Armenian cochineal insect, and Turkish red, now used in the national flag.
In fact he snapped a string midway through his final song of his encore, Cochineal Blues, an old ragtime number from his street busking days.
The pink wash is derived from the cochineal insect living on cacti in Mexico, where it has long been prized as the best source of the color red.
2009a), when evaluating the action of ENPs isolates in different concentrations on Dysmicoccus texensis, verified that all the treatments were pathogenic to coffeeroot cochineal, showing 100% mortality under laboratory conditions for the isolate CCA (Heterorhabditis sp.
Armenia was an important stop on the Great Silk Road, with traders travelling across Europe and Asia to buy goods including Ararat cochineal.
Fifteenth-century Europeans discovered the Aztecs using cochineal to make red clothing; till then, only royalty could afford red dyes.
People in the UK may have |unwittingly eaten other insects called cochineal bugs, which are sometimes used in sweet goods as red food colouring Carmine (E120).
Productivity of cochineal insects Dactylopius coccus (Hemiptera: Dactylopiidae) reared on cactus pear cladodes Opuntia ficus-indica (cactacea) produced under different fertilization conditions.