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Asian breed of large fowl with dense plumage and feathered legs


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"I conclude this short notice of Cochin China by saying that the people seem contented and happy, and the country progressing.
Quite different was the experience in Tonkin and Cochin China, where substantial gains were made.
Roberts, a New England merchant turned diplomat whose activities in Cochin China (Vietnam) and Siam (Thailand)--including negotiating the 1833 Treaty of Amity and Commerce between Siam and the United States (or the Roberts Treaty)--helped lay the groundwork for later American diplomatic ventures in the East.
Petersburg Russia (Petrograd and Leningrad Russia), Vietnam (Cochin China).
1861-1887: Claiming to protect Christian missionaries, French forces capture Saigon, in southern Vietnam (called Cochin China).
Anyone who has wrestled with the frustrations of trying to locate particular Vietnamese places historically by tracing them through a convoluted succession of changing administrative boundaries will appreciate how much work has gone into this excellent historical atlas of the six provinces of southern Vietnam (Cochin China or Nam-ky) during the nineteenth century.
France's conquest of Cochin China in 1862 led to the French claim to overlordship of Cambodia, as the successors to the Vietnamese in the joint arrangements of 1802, reconfirmed after 1845.