coccygeal vertebra

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one of 4 vertebrae in the human coccyx

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Clinical examination of tail revealed few palpable coccygeal vertebra with hypotrichosis nearly half of tail and absence of switch at the end.
Under ring block local infiltration anaesthesia with 2% Lignocaine Hcl, a 'V shaped incision was made at the level of 4th coccygeal vertebra. Lateral and medial coccygeal veins were ligated and coccygeal vertebra was cut at the level of third intercoccygeal space (Fig.
Developmental defects occurring at the lumbosacral border results in sacralization of fifth lumbar vertebra or lumbarization of first sacral vertebra [2-4] and developmental defects occurring at the sacrococcygeal border results in sacralization of first coccygeal vertebra.
[2,5,6] Sometimes fifth lumbar vertebra may fuse with the first sacral vertebra (Sacralization of L5) or first coccygeal vertebra may fuse with the apex of sacrum (Sacralization of coccygeal vertebra).
Body of first coccygeal vertebra articulates with the apex of the sacrum [1].
CASE REPORT: We observed first coccygeal vertebra was fused with the apex of the sacrum.