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Histologic observations of variably acid fast coccoid forms suggestive of CWD bacteria in Hodgkins disease, 4 cases.
When lithification starts suddenly, it begins in the polysaccharide gel surrounding the coccoid cells of Enthophysalis major.
intertexta and enough for the growth of coccoid cyanobacteria and cyanophilous lichens.
Moderate multifocal infiltrate and diffuse congestion were observed in numerous organs; in the lungs, there were extent multifocal areas with severe infiltrates with heterophils and macrophages, associated with coccoid and bacillary bacterial myriads, cellular debris, and blackened granular material filling the parabronchial lumen.
Within the salt glands, multiple small areas of necrosis with central accumulation of degenerated heterophils, peripheral demarcation by multinucleated giant cells, several epithelioid cells, and a mixed population of leukocytes, next to a few accumulations of coccoid bacteria were noted.
(A: colony on Nutrient Agar plate, B: colony on Nutrient Agar slant, C: rod shape, Gram negative, 16 h on Nutrien Broth, D: coccoid shape, Gram positive, 3 days on Nutrient Broth), M=1000x.
The long parallel chains and individual coccoid cells characteristic of D.
On the other hand, coccoid bacterial-like textures and micritic peloids could be interpreted as having a bacterial origin (Tribovillard, 1998; Perri and Tucker, 2007).
Coccoid bacteria and plant fragments were often associated with crusts.
equi were Gram-positive pleomorphic coccobacillus, varying from distinctively coccoid to bacillary depending on growth conditions.
This morphology is unique, as gill symbionts of other molluscs are typically rod-shaped or coccoid (e.g., Dufour, 2005; Cavanaugh et al., 2006) and most of them group with the [gamma]-Proteobacteria (but see Urakawa et al., 2005; Suzuki et al., 2006).
The strains were rod (B76) and coccoid (R-25) in shape and stained Gram-positive.
The bacteria-like structures found in samples CO127 and WR120 were within a size range typical for bacteria (0.5-5 [micro]m) and with their almost spherical shape, this indicates that it could be a coccoid or a coccobacilli bacteria type.
Patients with sarcoidosis may also exhibit asteroid bodies (stellate crystalline inclusions in multinucleated giant cells) (figure, B), Schaumann bodies (calcified laminated concretions within multinucleated giant cells), and occasionally Hamazaki-Wesenberg bodies (coccoid, golden-brown, acid-fast cytoplasmic inclusions).
A coccoid bacterium has been isolated (provisionally named Dehalococcoides ethenogenes strain 195) that, together with extracts from mixed microbial cultures, can dechlorinate PCE to form cis-DCE and remove other chlorine atoms to form vinyl chloride and finally ethene (77).