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(veterinary medicine) infestation with coccidia

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El-Shahawy, "Evaluation of amprolium and toltrazuril efficacy in controlling natural intestinal rabbit coccidiosis," Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research, vol.
It was concluded from the present study that natural products could be effective in comparison with anticoccidial drug to control coccidiosis in broiler chicken.
Coccidiosis is found in three forms in birds based on disease severity and pathogenicity; (1) mild infection in which no adverse effects are exhibited, (2) subclinical form in which reduction in feed utilization and weight gain is seen and (3) clinical coccidiosis; which is the most serious form with high morbidity and mortality (William, 2005).
Etiology of NE is complex, but coccidiosis is a well-known factor that predisposes birds to NE [2] and has been identified to have a synergistic relationship with C.
Left untreated, coccidiosis is far more dangerous than giardiasis, as it can lead to damaged intestinal lining, severe dehydration, and death.
Bovine coccidiosis is one of the most common livestock diseases worldwide and usually affects cattle under one-year-old.
The remaining 17 animals showed [greater than or equal to] 1 of the following pathologic conditions: hemorrhages consistent with trauma (12/17), mild to severe intestinal coccidiosis (12/17), pneumonia (3/17), splenitis (1/17), Taenia martis cysticerci (1/17), and external parasites (8/17).
Hence, mean lesion score below 2 indicated a mild coccidiosis in groups administered with developed and commercial vaccines, and anticoccidials.
Starting in 2011, the team began by vaccinating egg-laying hens to create antibodies for IL-10 and mixed those eggs into animal feed eaten by 150,000 chickens infected with coccidia, which cause coccidiosis, a common intestinal disease.
Eleven chapters are: general introduction; the composition and role of the microbiota in chickens; intestinal diseases of pigs; avian coccidiosis as a prototype intestinal disease; intestinal health in carnivores; pig intestine, weaning and dietary interventions; effect of feed contaminants on intestinal health of monogastric farm animals; techniques for investigating gut function in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro in monogastric farm animals; intestinal health biomarkers in vivo; intestinal health research and proteomics, a well-matched couple; systems biology.
Advertising: Zoetis and Bader Rutter for their Rotecc Coccidiosis Management External Launch Video
Developed by scientists at the Agricultural Research Service, a new vaccine delivery system to prevent diseases like coccidiosis may be more appetizing to birds than traditional methods.
officinalis derived tannins on the immune responses in chickens and their protective efficacy against avian coccidiosis.