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(veterinary medicine) infestation with coccidia

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It was concluded from the present study that natural products could be effective in comparison with anticoccidial drug to control coccidiosis in broiler chicken.
Field trial of a Caryospora species vaccine for controlling clinical coccidiosis in falcons.
Etiology of NE is complex, but coccidiosis is a well-known factor that predisposes birds to NE [2] and has been identified to have a synergistic relationship with C.
Mohiti-Asliand Ghanaatparast-Rashti (2015) evaluated the effectiveness of essential oil of oregano on growth and prevention of coccidiosis, an intestinal disease caused by Eimeria coccidiosis in broilers.
Left untreated, coccidiosis is far more dangerous than giardiasis, as it can lead to damaged intestinal lining, severe dehydration, and death.
For the prevention and control of coccidiosis, anticoccidials and vaccines are major contributors; however, their use has been described with uneven success (Basu and Aaldar, 1994).
El efecto protector del aceite de copaiba en cuadros de coccidiosis en aves no ha sido demostrado anteriormente; sin embargo, existe un antecedente de que este aceite ejerce un efecto protector en cuadros de lesiones (ulceras) gastricas en ratas (Arroyo et al.
Eimeriosis is also called as Coccidiosis is one of the most important diseases of young animals caused by single celled parasites under the apicoplexa called as coccidia.
Incidental findings in the animals tested were encephalitis (2/20), coccidiosis (5/20), trauma (6/20), myocarditis (4/20), nephritis (1/20), lymphadenitis (1/20), and intestinal (3/20) and external (5/20) parasites.
The efficiency of broiler production today seems to be halted by many diseases and coccidiosis amongst them poses a considerable economic loss to broiler industry, with Eimeria tenella being one of the most prevalent species in India causing caecal coccidiosis associated with reduced growth rate, poor performance and mortality in broiler chickens (KITANDU and JURANOVA, 2006).
Starting in 2011, the team began by vaccinating egg-laying hens to create antibodies for IL-10 and mixed those eggs into animal feed eaten by 150,000 chickens infected with coccidia, which cause coccidiosis, a common intestinal disease.
Coccidiosis is an intestinal disease caused by a protozoan in the genus Eimeria.
Eleven chapters are: general introduction; the composition and role of the microbiota in chickens; intestinal diseases of pigs; avian coccidiosis as a prototype intestinal disease; intestinal health in carnivores; pig intestine, weaning and dietary interventions; effect of feed contaminants on intestinal health of monogastric farm animals; techniques for investigating gut function in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro in monogastric farm animals; intestinal health biomarkers in vivo; intestinal health research and proteomics, a well-matched couple; systems biology.
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