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Despite the seemingly narrow focus of the title, the book extends beyond the currently classified coccidians by including the Cryptosporiidae, which were historically classified as coccidians, but are no longer (Adl et al., 2012).
We observed 15 (3.2%) samples positive for coccidian oocysts out of 470 samples through microscopy.
We found 15 samples out of 470, positive for coccidian parasites through microscopy.
niphandrodes, coccidians, and chromerids suggesting they may have ancestral sugar import functions, which have subsequently been lost in other examined apicomplexans.
Cremonte and Figueras ciliates, (2004) coccidians, and turbellarians) 1999: Isla Jabali, Four parasitic or Cremonte and Figueras Argentina (healthy commensal taxa (2004) population) (Trichodina sp.
The samples processed by the Ritchie method were stained by the modified Ziehl Neelsen procedure and modified safranin technique for the identification of oocysts of coccidians (7).
Two new species of Caryospora (Apicomplexa) from snakes in Cameroon, with redescriptions of two coccidians from Hemidactylus mabouia (Gekkonidae).
Histologic analysis revealed the presence of a meront stage of an unidentified coccidian parasite in the epithelium of the middle intestine of 3 of the 14 clams examined.
-- A new species of coccidian is described from a Texas river cooter, Pseudemys texana, from north-central Texas.