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a narcotic (alkaloid) extracted from coca leaves

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Il n'existe pas une drogue unique, mais des drogues multiples (cannabis, Karkoubi, cocain, crack, heroine, amphetamines...) Seul l'alcool est aux abonnes absents en cette periode de ramadan.
In another incident, two African women were caught at an airport in India smuggling 9kg of cocain in their bags after Dubai Police tipped off the Indian authorities.
Another operation on the Algerian-Moroccan borders resultedi n the arrest of three persons with 320 gms of cocain, said the statement.
Brown developed a dangerous condition, a s face d in on ne ate him usin of fourbegan he condi and his collapsed itself as the cocain away at cartilage in his n His drug use also left paranoid.
The UNODC, using data provided by the Government of Argentina, estimated that Argentina seized 12.1 MT of cocain in 2008 and 12.6 MT of cocaine in 2009.
The message came with a tagline that read "Hacked by Cocain TeaM."
Twitter said it will open to more advertisers after a successful trial with brands including Starbucks and Cocain Cola.
The most used substances were therefore selected (alcohol, can nabis, cocain e, ecstasy an d tranqui li zers / sedatives) for further analysis, also because they showed the highest levels of continuity of use (see Table 1).