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covered with cobwebs

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Yet the cobwebby institution, an archaic fantasy we'd never dream of inventing, is itself a block to decency and progress.
But that's just life, clinging to you in its cobwebby way.
They might also have been seen as filthy objects of disdain, vermin in need of extermination or dreadful predators of the gloomiest woods, the murkiest rivers or the dark and cobwebby world inside the garden shed.
Go into the attic, crawl-spaces, basements, and cobwebby areas," Cohen advises.
Laws confuse him, and no wonder--who can digest all those cobwebby laws?
Despite all that's wrong, at least it looks good, especially when we venture into Satis House to witness Miss Havisham presiding over a table creaking with crumbling, cobwebby wedding cake.
BOSS studies the universe's history by mapping the gigantic, cobwebby structures traced out by hundreds of thousands of galaxies.
At Screaming Circuits, way back in the cobwebby section of the building, we have a through-hole part sequencing and insertion machine.
It's also meant to be aged, which is difficult if you don't have a cobwebby cellar where it can sit for a decade.
It's quite big - about 16x 10 - and I love every cobwebby inch of it.
There were cracks in walls and a cobwebby haze that dimmed windows; the floors creaked and groaned like the hull of a doomed galleon; and the whole place felt as if it was always leaning shruggishly into the gusting ocean wind.
We're not out of winter yet so look out for cobwebby knits and ponchos which first appeared in the autumn and which will spill over to spring.
Tormented by too much religion in the head, I endlessly circumnavigated my cobwebby mind, hoisted on the petard of unanswerable Western Christian koans, such as how to haul my pesky adolescent body along with my soul to holiness.
The venue may sound like some cobwebby, creaking edifice, but Gosforth Civic Hall is very much a contemporary building - albeit functional rather than outwardly attractive - which represents ambition and resourcefulness at work.