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Synonyms for cobweb

a fabric so delicate and transparent as to resemble a web of a spider

filaments from a web that was spun by a spider


a dense elaborate spider web that is more efficient than the orb web

References in classic literature ?
It was a dim, old-fashioned chamber, festooned with cobwebs, and besprinkled with antique dust.
When one forgets one's anger in mechanics or in cobwebs, it is a sign that the anger is not dangerous."
"What do you think that is?" she asked me, again pointing with her stick; "that, where those cobwebs are?"
"On this day of the year, long before you were born, this heap of decay," stabbing with her crutched stick at the pile of cobwebs on the table but not touching it, "was brought here.
She was clad in flowing, fluffy robes of soft material that reminded Dorothy of woven cobwebs, only it was colored in soft tintings of violet, rose, topaz, olive, azure, and white, mingled together most harmoniously in stripes which melted one into the other with soft blendings.
The bins themselves lined but two of the walls, and most of them were covered in with cobwebs, close-drawn like mosquito-curtains.
There are the cobwebs on the ceiling, a bloated spider crawling in one: a worse monster is gloating over me: those dull eyes of his, and my own pistol-barrel, cover me in the lamp-light.
'There are a good many cobwebs here,' observed Arthur Gride.
* Starter: Devil's Pumpkin Soup Garnished with cream in the shape of a cobweb, Devil's Pumpkin Soup is the best solution to your Halloween parties.
It said that residential projects of Amrapali in the National Capital Region seem prima facie illegal and its real estate business is like "a well-operated cobweb".
The nation will have to come out of cobweb of fear.
by Times News ServiceAltaf Alimohamed, managing director of Cobweb Solutions UAE.
Group chairman Paul Axcell was also at the event, riding his arab gelding Guisburn Golden Cobweb.
The man with a cobweb on his right cheek was seen exposing himself to a couple with a young child in Earlsheaton Park.
Cobweb Solutions in association with the Cloud Industry Forum, have announced the results of a large-scale survey into the business adoption of cloud computing.