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Chien et al., "Cobra venom proteome and glycome determined from individual snakes of Naja atra reveal medically important dynamic range and systematic geographic variation," Journal of Proteomics, vol.
Zhang, "Isolation, expression and characterization of a novel dual serine protease inhibitor, OH-TCI, from king cobra venom," Peptides, vol.
to counter act anticholinergic effect of cobra venom followed by Atropine sulphate @ 0.025mg/kg b.
The mice were injected I/M with 1.2mg/kg body weight of n/s (0 hours) or LD50 Cobra venom (1, 1.5 and 2 hours).
The results suggest that Egyptian cobra venom stimulates oxidative stress to induce apoptosis in renal tissue through inhibition of mitochondrial respiration in male rats.
(6) Cobra venom contains cobratoxin and a-bungarotoxin which act postsynaptically by binding to acetylcholine receptors on the motor end plate while (3-bungarotoxin and crotoxin present in krait venom act pre-synaptically and prevent release of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction resulting in muscle paralysis due to curare like neuromuscular blocking action affecting the muscles of eyes, throat and chest leading to respiratory failure.
Viper and cobra venom neutralization by ([beta]-sitosterol and stigmasterol isolated from the root extract of Pluchea indica Less.
In previous mouse studies atropine has been administered IP without changing the LD50 of cobra venom [15].
NNAV contains cobra venom factor (CVF), cardiotoxin (CTX), cobratoxin (or cobrotoxin), phospholipases A2 (PLA2), and many other components.
* Venin Royale offers a patent-pending, anti-aging skin care technology utilizing the concentration of 27 natural peptides, neuropeptides and therapeutic neurotoxins from pure King Cobra venom.
Earlier this week a letter sent to senator Roger Wicker also tested positive for ricin, which is twice as deadly as cobra venom.
Earlier this week, a letter sent to Repuplican senator for Mississippi Roger Wicker also tested positive for ricin, which is twice as deadly as cobra venom.
The complement system of snakes is of particular interest because the venom of Naja naja and related Asian snakes of the genus Naja [53] and the venom of Austrelaps superbus [54], an Australian elapid, contain a C3 structural and functional analog, cobra venom factor (CVF).
The article refers to some of the methods used by unscrupulous trainers to get an edge, including chemicals used to bulk up pigs and cattle before slaughter, blood doping agents, stimulants and cancer drugs, and more exotically, cobra venom.