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The Bell AH-1 "Cobra" is a two-blade, single-engine attack helicopter manufactured by Bell Helicopter.
The Bell AH-1F Cobra helicopter is capable of utilizing guided anti-tank missiles.
Through the same hole, a deadly Cobra entered into the box.
In 1950, Colt made a Detective Special with a first-of-its-kind lightweight aluminum frame, and named it the Cobra. As the end of the 20th Century neared, these Old World-crafted guns became too expensive to produce at competitive prices so Colt did a revamped design in all stainless steel, the SF-VI and DS-II series.
Cobra Electronics, a designer and marketer of automotive, mobile and consumer electronics, has launched its new Cobra Elite Series: Road Scout and DualPro 360-degree, the latest in intelligent driver information systems.
A Taiwanese netizen posted photos of a one-meter-long cobra on the popular online message board PTT, which they said had been spotted on Wednesday next to a swimming pool in Dahu Park in Taipei's Neihu District.
Hindus and Buddhists always tell stories and myths about cobras as they accept cobras as sacred.
Hope was revived with the relaunch of the faithful Model 1911 Series 70 in 2011, followed by the surprise reincarnation of the Cobra series in 2017.
Cobra has thrown the proverbial kitchen sink at the F9 by employing every trick in their playbook to extract every iota of performance from the F9.
The late Odu Cobra will be remembered for his passion for football and journalism where he started Wadau TV - an online show that focused on local football.
The COBRA Mobile App by Discovery Benefits improves the COBRA and Direct Bill member experience by providing on-the-go access to their online account.
Ready to crush in minutes as a result of ground level set up and intuitive two button start up sequence, the Cobra 290 is a versatile and easy to use impact crusher that can operate in the most demanding of applications including reinforced concrete, recycled asphalt, construction and demolition waste, coal and natural rock.
MILWAUKEE: HSA Bank offers a COBRA third-party administration solution in addition to its leading Health Savings Account (HSA) solution and other tax-advantaged accounts, including Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), and Commuter Benefits.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-June 20, 2018--HSA Bank deploys COBRA administration solution, expands product offerings
Global Banking News-June 20, 2018--HSA Bank deploys COBRA administration solution, expands product offerings