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large dark-striped tropical food and game fish related to remoras

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Differences in the stage of cobia ovarian development between this and other studies may stem from locations where females were captured.
Cobia Smart is a simple-to-use instrument for checking that the output from an X-ray tube is correct.
The logo is a reference to Marine Farms as the first to apply world-class Norwegian standards to the aquaculture of cobia, which is said to be a coming trend on restaurant menus.
Comparable in size to salmon, cobia had huge potential to be used across a number of products, said Mark Warrington, MD of Sea Products of Scotland, which will sell and market the fish in the UK.
O'Hanlon, who is now operating in Panama under the name Open Blue Sea Farms, was granted a permit from Panama to produce 10,000 tons of cobia per year.
Dale Sims, Chief Fishmonger at CleanFish, who sources and promotes top quality seafood that is safe and sustainable, commented, "Brian O'Hanlon really knows how to raise cobia and this acquisition will accelerate Open Blue's growth.
For the specific case of cobia limits, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) established a zone from the Monroe/Collier county line north-meaning the tighter limits would not apply in the Florida Keys, for instance.
Recent feeding studies in the northern Gulf of Mexico and off North Carolina have reported geographic differences in cobia diet and have indicated that the relative importance of fishes versus crustaceans is variable and that cephalopods constitute the least significant prey items.
In the event of 68-degree inshore water temperatures don't be surprised to find cobia following manta rays or else free swimming off the beaches of Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and for those running their boats along the inshore zones north and south of Sebastian Inlet.
The cobia is a highly prized recreational species and record size fish have been caught in coastal waters off the southern United States, as well as off Western Australia, Nigeria, and Kenya (International Game Fish Association, 1998).
The cobia is an amazing fish, and it's always a thrill to encounter them.
It appears both snapper and gag grouper will be closed during January, so deep water bottom fishing trips will mostly target triggerfish, big vermilions, red porgies and cobia.
Abundant species of fish make the area a fisherman's paradise, including tarpon, stripped bass, large mouth bass, redfish, crappie, sea trout, cobia and king and Spanish mackerel.