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a rare silvery-white mineral

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Vylkov, "The thermodynamic characteristics of point defects and the mechanism of electricity trancfer in copper-containing lanthanum cobaltite La[Co.sub.1-x][Cu.sub.x][O.sub.3-[delta]] (x = 0.3)," Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry, vol.
The main objective of the research was to synthesize, characterize and evaluate the properties of copper cobaltite nanostructures, which had been produced through various methods such as sol-gel, hydrothermal, co-precipitation, urea combustion, oxalate degradation, and so on.
Thermal treatment of co-precipitated precursors is proven to be the most promising method in preparing cobaltite spinels [12-15].
the world's largest known deposit of cobaltite, from which the
Superconductivity of hydrated sodium cobaltite [Na.sub.x][Co.sub.2][O.sub.4] x y[H.sub.2]O
"The key advantage is that, with this method of manufacturing, we can use high-performance cathode materials such as strontium-doped lanthanum ferrite (LSF) or strontium-doped lanthamum cobaltite (LSCo) while avoiding the typical problems that prevent long-term stable performance," said Franklin Fuel Cells director of technical programs Eduardo Paz.
Taywin believes that there is potential for at least 3 million st ore grading 0.10 oz/st with 0.30% copper plus unspecified cobalt credits (the Merry Widow pit has produced collector-quality specimens of crystalline cobaltite with specks of native gold).
In this regard, Ni[Co.sub.2][O.sub.4] as a cobaltite spinel has shown excellent electrocatalytic properties, because the mixed oxidation states of its cations favor the adsorption of water and hydroxide ions.
Hu, "A cost-effective supercapacitor material of ultrahigh specific capacitances: spinel nickel cobaltite aerogels from an epoxide-driven sol-gel process," Advanced Materials, vol.
Co-Ni-Fe sulfarsenides such as gersdorffite, glaucodot, arsenopyrite and cobaltite are found generally in the eastern part of the district, around Ait Ahmane.
Associated minerals are: cobaltite, pyrite, chalcopyrite, quartz, garnet (Al-rich), scorodite and erythrite.
They concurred with Fleischer (1963) that cobaltite should be used for cobalt-rich members of the series and ahlfeldite for nickel-rich members.