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Synonyms for coaxing

flattery designed to gain favor

pleasingly persuasive or intended to persuade


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At last the younger woman said in her previous deferential, coaxing tone,--
The most furious had come to the Buytenhof at daybreak, to secure a better place; but he, outdoing even them, had passed the night at the threshold of the prison, from whence, as we have already said, he had advanced to the very foremost rank, unguibus et rostro, -- that is to say, coaxing some, and kicking the others.
The Fox, after a great deal of coaxing, tried his best to eat a little.
It is folly to threaten me, but I'm so kind-hearted that I cannot stand coaxing or wheedling.
I had of course long been used to a halter and a headstall, and to be led about in the fields and lanes quietly, but now I was to have a bit and bridle; my master gave me some oats as usual, and after a good deal of coaxing he got the bit into my mouth, and the bridle fixed, but it was a nasty thing