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having a common axis

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Consider LPEC, whose movable armature and fixed inductor are made in the form of flat coaxially mounted disk coils.
The incident bar, specimen, and transmission bar should be adjusted coaxially to maintain 1D wave propagation conditions.
The floating bushing 7 due to its mobility relative to the spherical surface and mobility of the spherical washer 19 in radial direction under an influence of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic forces is mounted coaxially to the shaft and traces its oscillation.
Rolls-Royce's engine blades are produced by a technique that is called laser metal deposition, where metal powder is blown coaxially into a laser beam, which melts the particles on a base metal to form a metallurgical bond when cooled.
A microcatheter was placed coaxially within the 6-F shuttle and navigated over a 0.014 inch guidewire into the torcula.
Additionally, both the .014" and .018" TrailBlazer angled support catheter can fit coaxially through the .035" support catheter for increased reach and pushability.
Ablated material was transported via a He carrier gas to a modified glass mixing bulb where the He + sample was mixed coaxially with Ar prior to the ICP torch.
Lee, "Experimental and simulation studies of the coaxially fed U-slot rectangular patch antenna," IEE Proceedings-Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation, vol.
Selective catheterization of the hepatic artery was performed using 4- to 5-F catheters with different shapes and an 0.035A hydrophilic guide wire (Glidewire, Terumo Europe, Leuven, Belgium); then a microcatheter (Progreate, Terumo Europe, Leuven, Belgium) was inserted coaxially. Superselective catheterization of the main feeders was performed whenever possible.
The mDBD electrode consists of a copper rod (1.57 mm diameter), which is coaxially inserted in a nonconductive polyetherimide (Ultem[R]) material (6 mm diameter) with a length of 400 mm (Figure 1).
Woodrow, "Coaxially electrospun fiber-based microbicides facilitate broadly tunable release of maraviroc," Materials Science and Engineering C, vol.
They are responsible for Z and XY scans, respectively, and are coaxially glued (using H74F epoxy from Epoxy Technology) on a tantalum base (called common end) in such a way that their inner electrodes are electrically connected and grounded.