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a transmission line for high-frequency signals

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The new Sky+ Pro is designed to work seamlessly with LNBs based on MaxLinears MxL862 digital channel stacking IC, which supports the latest single cable router technology and stacks up to 24 channels on a single coax cable.
Even if your Hi-Def TV is working fine, you might want to check to see that the coax cable is "bonded" to the house's grounding system.
Once mass soldering was ruled out, our options for connecting the coax cable with a secondary operation were reduced to some process of soldering individual wires.
The Opposition continues to pursue its policies based on the aging copper and coax cable networks.
5a power supply cs13646a; 1 ea 30v 5a power supply cd13005sm; 2 ea 50v 3a power supply cs15003xe; 3 ea tnc male to male 240 coax cable spc 20ft 28-249-020; 3 ea n-type male to male 400 coax cable wlan 20 ft.
The double shielded flexible coax cable provides excellent shielding effectiveness greater than 95 dB and a maximum VSWR of less than 1.
You'll need a side-cutting pliers or other cutting tool to clip off the old cable ends, a special coax cable stripping tool to prepare the cable end for the connectors, and a compression tool to install the new ends.
Data Rate[TM] cables are available with a choice of pitches and 5[ohm] micro coax cable or 100[ohm] twinax EyeSpeed cable.
Eliminate the need to install and maintain both UTP and coax cable with the Lynx Video and Data Network System.
Twisty-Flex[TM] circuits provide the noise reduction of twisted wire pairs or coax cable in a flexible circuit.
This system is configurable to any shielding location and can utilize any coax cable with a maximum O.
AXIS T8640 Ethernet over Coax Adapter PoE+ offers yet another option to simplify the transition from analog to digital video surveillance by allowing users to leverage existing Coax cable when adding new IP cameras at the edge and enabling network-based storage and VMS usage.
Low PIM coax cable jumpers from Pasternack are fabricated with advanced soldering technology incorporating specially designed connectors, providing a durable assembly resulting in years of superior PIM and VSWR performance.
So scan these simple rules before you run coax cable to your TV or computer.
Coax cable is projected to decline, as the primary cabling application of security video camera networks evolves from coax cable to high-performance UTP cable, which is capable of supporting the video signals.