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He looked, and saw what numbers numberless The city gates outpoured, light-armed troops In coats of mail and military pride.
The younger archers, with their coats of mail thrown aside, their brown or flaxen hair tossing in the wind, and their jerkins turned back to give free play to their brawny chests and arms, stood in lines, each loosing his shaft in turn, while Johnston, Aylward, Black Simon, and half-a-score of the elders lounged up and down with critical eyes, and a word of rough praise or of curt censure for the marksmen.
In the Soudan swords and coats of mail are still worn by Arabs,
By his side rode Queen Eleanor, looking regal and charming in her long brocade riding-habit; while immediately behind them came Prince Richard and Prince John, each attired in knightly coats of mail and helmets.
A wide range of programming accompanies the suits of steel, coats of mail and an assortment of tools of the trade.