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a room where coats and other articles can be left temporarily


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Andrew browsed the palms, but they held little appeal for him: These plants, with their pompous demeanor, belonged next to the coatroom in a funeral home.
But as I sat in my pleasant, comfortable hotel room in Zagreb, I pictured myself in a locked, dark museum sprawled on a rusty, bumpy metal sculpture called something like "Yugoslavia, a Country Divided," covered by a tattered curtain I've pulled off the entrance to the coatroom, the opposite question came to mind: Why yes?
IBEX's work for the Rubin includes the construction of new seminar and art workshop rooms, restrooms, pantries, a coatroom, mechanical room and an administrative office.
The next day, she came into work and went into the coatroom to change.
One student started to hide in the coatroom whenever it is time to line up to avoid having to choose between the "boy" and "girl" lines (Brill & Pepper, 2008).
A television commercial called "Hideaway" showing a couple stealing a kiss in the coatroom of a restaurant was broadcast during "NBC's New Year's Eve With Carson Daly.
The commercial, part of the company's $30 million "Kiss and Be Kissed" campaign for Nivea Lip Care, showed a couple stealing a kiss in the coatroom of a restaurant.
There are several adjoining areas, including a kitchen, small hallway, utility room and coatroom.
Other examples of bailment include hotel guests who give their car and keys to a valet (the guest is the bailor and the hotel is the bailee); a hotel that rents projection equipment from a rental company for use by conference attendees (the rental company is the bailor and the hotel is the bailee); and a diner at a restaurant who leaves her coat with a coatroom attendant (the diner is the bailor and the restaurant is the bailee).
Other analogies found in this text are to cats, emperors, soldiers, the activities of revolutionary parties as they attempt to overthrow established governments, the journeys of Columbus, the work of a postman, the military expeditions of Hannibal, and people crowding themselves by a theater coatroom.
Being meticulous in selecting materials and finishes that went beyond the ordinary, the coatroom highlights a glass counter with a textured metallic fabric center, and glass tiles follow the shape of the oval ceiling above.
Off the hall is the original coatroom with hooks - and open fireplace, to air out the cloaks in bad weather.
In the foyer near the coatroom, "Tracks of My Tears" is being rehearsed by a pickup string section, overseen by an older black man in a woolen overcoat.
It is a stunning statistic that Everton haven't finished above their nearest rivals in successive seasons since Cilla was a Cavern coatroom attendant - and Liverpool were back in the Second Division then.
I don't want it to get wrinkled so I'm going to hang it up in the coatroom.