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Speaking on behalf of the ward members, Councillor Dixon, who is also Lead member for area management and community safety, said: "The fencing around the coastal path in Whitburn was looking worn and ready for a new coat of paint.
A little light landscaping outside and a few accessories inside are quick and easy ways to make a fresh coat of paint more appealing.
The new coat of paint, however, was delivered when Sir Terry considered the issue of climate change.
If you are going to spend money, give your guttering, down pipes and timber roof line a coat of paint.
Apply a thick coat of paint (for petals, start near flower's center and fill in one at a time).
Or design a framed and floored beach cabana that reflects a specific destination -- and have it ready to assemble in the sand in less time than it takes a coat of paint to dry.
Hyundai also uses in-color slush-molded hard plastic that is sealed with a coat of paint to add depth and reduce gloss for the instrument panel, and tops it off with a surprisingly upscale thick leather steering wheel with bright accents mimicking those on the instrument panel.
But then who needs a coat of arms when a coat of paint does the job so much better
This is similar to a coat of paint, says Graphics Fusion, while die-cut vinyl decals are 7 times thicker--typically a minimum of 150 microns.
The fresh coat of paint would no doubt make the carpet look worn.
CSL spent approximately $150,000 on renovating and redecorating common areas with new carpeting, furniture, air conditioning systems and a fresh coat of paint.
Cleaner air may be just a fresh coat of paint away.
Intended as a substitute for high-quality hot-dipped galvanized (HDG) coil stock steel with good formability, surface finish and corrosion resistance, Steelshield combines electrogalvanized coil steel with layers of zinc, chemical treatments, sealers, primer and finish top coat of paint.
First, cover the door with a base coat of paint in a fairly light color (this step is not necessary if your door is already in good base condition).
Are we on the road to positive change or putting a new coat of paint over the ugly stain that seems to reappear again and again?