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a worker who hangs something

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anything from which something can be hung

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They have recently relocated to a new premises and are now in urgent need of coat hangers so they can fill them with donated items of ladies and men's clothing for members of the community who are in need.
That's when you decide this is going to be a two-human job, one of you tries to flick it up from one side using the coat hanger, one of you tries to flick it up using the broom handle from the other side and slowly, the item is raised out of its pit, up and up it comes covered in dust-balls and hair balls and brick dust and you feel so triumphant you can take on the world.
3 heavy coat hangers Fosshape 600 3 Hollow fiberglass rods--1/2" OD, 36" lengths each Wood for rod handles, trigger piece, brace 1" Elastic Cord elastic 14-gauge wire J-B Weld Epoxy Acrylic paint Hy-Mark Thread Great Stuff Insulating Foam Sealant--Gaps and Cracks By Rachel Buechele
Detective Chief Inspector Chris Downes from Cleveland Police volume crime team said: "We always advise people to keep car keys and house keys out of sight as unfortunately some criminals are using implements such as fishing rods and coat hangers to get keys from staircases and kitchen work surfaces to steal vehicles.
Nurses and doctors are so disillusioned they are emigrating to use their skills abroad, in countries where they don't need to make drip stands out of coat hangers and lamps.
Mainetti, which makes coat hangers, had its factory in Flintshire destroyed in a blaze last year and a second re broke out at the site in January.
What better visual representation of back alley/illegal/dangerous abortions, both Morrison and Vilott believe, than coat hangers?
@home by Nilkamal brings you a wide range of gifting options like Bar accessories, Coat Hangers, Recliner Chairs and many more to make this Father's Day more special.
WHAT YOU WILL NEED: 2 x coat hangers Bottle caps Egg box Plastic bottles Plant pot Wool Paints and paint brushes Polystyrene Ribbon and material Random small items to decorate the tree - feathers, sparkly decorations, and more Fallen sticks with lots of branches HOW TO MAKE YOURS: 1.
Mainetti, which makes coat hangers for supermarkets, was fined PS60,000 with PS21,600 costs after it admitted four charges brought by the Health and Safety Executive.
Added to this is an annual upkeep cost of pounds 21 a year, meaning pounds 426 is added to the bill just to ensure coat hangers can be kept in "working order".
The frenetic funnyman is a one-man walking perspiration factory working double-shifts, coming across as awkward as a bag of coat hangers on stage with his trick bag full of gurns and pratfalls, shiny shoes, a badly-fitting suit and wire-wool hair.
When I married, I became Joan Crawford and - younger readers won't get it but ask your grannies - I suffered endless jokes about how often I beat my kids with wire coat hangers.
IT'S supermodel Helena Christensen as you've never seen her before - complete with coat hangers and garland.
Summary: Students at Exeter University have been left with permanent scars after branding themselves with heated coat hangers.