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a hanger that is shaped like a person's shoulders and used to hang garments on

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That's when you decide this is going to be a two-human job, one of you tries to flick it up from one side using the coat hanger, one of you tries to flick it up using the broom handle from the other side and slowly, the item is raised out of its pit, up and up it comes covered in dust-balls and hair balls and brick dust and you feel so triumphant you can take on the world.
The leg supports were also made of coat hanger wire, bent to the appropriate shape, and stitched to the cap.
In September 2015, Yocca filled a bathtub with a few inches of water, then used a coat hanger to repeatedly stab her baby.
| Using a wire coat hanger and water from a hosepipe can help clear blockages in a downpipe
The decadent Pedestal Coat Hanger will be a feature piece in your home and a shame to hide away with hats and coats.
What faith can anyone have in a health system which forces medics to hang vital drips from coat hangers and bedside lamps?
By developing a unique, integral mechanism, Jamie designed a plastic coat hanger with flexible arms that collapse and spring back, allowing the user to attach clothing via the neck without having to take the hanger from the rail or undo buttons.
Take this magic dagger which happens to look like a coat hanger ...
We measured the width of a standard coat hanger and carefully snapped a chalk line on the floor so we could get the framing just right.
HANG ABOUT: Helena puts on the style with India's garland entry and the UK's coat hanger look in the fashion awards.
Participants held a reshaped metal coat hanger to heat on a hot stove for 30 seconds.
And it seems the campaign has the full backing of California-based Gary Mussell, the great-grandson of the inventor of the coat hanger, Albert J Parkhouse of Michigan.
A wire coat hanger can also serve double duty to hang the feeder from a branch.
Because the radar can be adjusted with its threshold above the floor, it will not respond to illicit strategies such as forcing a warm liquid or a coat hanger under the door.
Straighten a metal coat hanger and hook the end through the last chain link.