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a closet for storing outerwear

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My job is to demo and prime the room so that our contractor can begin fashioning the new coat closet on Monday.
ADAPTATION: Rather than install a new equipment rack, Borg and his team transformed the classroom's original coat closet into a secure, ventilated home for the Cisco videoconferencing system's remote-controlled web camera.
Rudolph Resta, now 77, was working for the New York Times as an art director when his wallet disappeared after he left his jacket in an unguarded coat closet, reports the Daily Mail.
SOUTHBRIDGE - As she was hanging out the sign for the Winter Coat Closet at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church one recent day, a man hailed the Rev.
The new suite for First Class passengers features an extra-large seat that reclines to become a fully-flat bed, a 23C[yen] wide-screen LCD screen that offers more than 1,000 channels of entertainment and is equipped with individual storage, a coat closet, vanity desk and personal mini bar.
So small that, seeing the door to MacDonald's, ahem, "stock room" - think large coat closet - a little girl's eyes grew wide.
Baiamonte converted the linen closet to a coat closet, using hooks because the enclosure was too shallow to accommodate hangers.
* If you use a folding, manual wheelchair you can request it be stowed in the on-board coat closet. There is only space for one chair (in these closets), and the service is available on a first-come basis.
When they opened the coat closet, they found Lessner.
Another alternative is to dedicate a coat closet to be your "network room"--but clear out anything flammable and put a lock on the door.
The first is a hellish large public high school, where "The only thing I was learning was that boredom can hurt like physical pain." The teachers are crazy in various ways, ranging from the anti-Semitic English teacher to the biology teacher who babbles to herself in the coat closet during the class.
This has meant turning our coat closet into a nook for the refrigerator, and turning half of our living room into a bedroom, using a mobile closet to double as a wall.
A stately columned porch leads to the foyer, which boasts a convenient coat closet to its left.
JFK and RFK, each with pricked forefinger, napping inside the coat closet. Infinite frogs wandering our power lines to and fro.