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land in a coastal area

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Opponents say the new proposal, which rescinds an earlier rule requiring public access every quarter mile, violates the basic right to coastland that dates back to Ancient Rome.
Visitors will be able to borrow a Garmin handheld GPS device to guide them to treasure 'caches' hidden in the countryside and coastland of National Trust sites.
GWI), the sole water utility company here, supplies potable water to more than 95% of the population with 100% coverage on the coastland.
Summary: <p>The Lebanese government must take urgent and immediate steps to avoid the "irreversible" effects of climate change, which threaten to submerge large parts of the country's coastland, environmentalists said on Wednesday.
This might be in the form of ships being sent to sit in front of an area of coastland to show force at the start of a crisis or to act as an offshore logistical base, explained the source.
The book under review by Maurice Williams is a political biography of Friedrich Rainer describing his youth in Carinthia, his years as a burgeoning National Socialist, his desire to create an independent National Socialist Austria, his role as Gauleiter of Salzburg and then of Carinthia, and his position as Supreme Commander of Operation Zone Adriatic Coastland after 1943.
All sorts of people had been predicting disaster for years, pointing to the danger of rising water levels and the need to strengthen the levees and pumps, and fortify the entire coastland.
In LeDonne's model, based on the concepts of Halford Mackinder, the Heartland is surrounded by two groups of Coastland states: the European Coastland on the west, and the Monsoon Coastland on the east.
But, they hope, with improved public awareness of the issues, Uruguay's coastland will have a promising future.
In Coastland, consumers spend according to the equation: C = 100+0.
Seek out the designer names at the famous Coastland Mall and the trendy shops between 5th and 3rd Avenues.
Survival strategies were flexible and ingenious even before the devastating war of 1992-1994 which destroyed so many of the provincial towns and caused a mass flow of displaced persons and internal exiles from the plateau to the coastland.
The restaurant is located at the Coastland Center Mall at 1700 Tamiami Trail North in Naples, Fla.
The work is all part of the Coastland Grasslands Project to conserve and restore the natural features of the limestone plateau.