coaster brake

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a brake on a bicycle that engages with reverse pressure on the pedals

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Moreover, this Dirt Rider offers a coaster brake and hand brakes, allowing novices to become acquainted with hand brakes in their own time frame.
When the coaster brakes, riders will fall back into their seats with a force of acceleration, called g-force, two times Earth's gravity--close to that of a rocket launch.
Equipped with hand and coaster brakes, the Commando allows kids to stay in control.
Answering a challenge from Grant Peterson, owner of Rivendell Bicycles in California and publisher of the Rivendell Reader newsletter, Co-Motion has been working for the past year to design a high-performing bike for cyclists whose weight has limited them to heavy-duty single-speeds with balloon tires and coaster brakes.
Mr Cope said: "We have offered to replace the bike but have never had a problem with these coaster brakes before.
The fleet includes mountain bikes, three- and 10-speeds, and even single speeds with coaster brakes.
Coaster brakes or foot brakes are the best kind to use when you are learning to ride.
quantity needed: 80 bicycles): * Comfort Bike: Adult size Trek Pure S Model or equivalent* to include a single-speed freewheel bicycle with chain guard, front pull brakes, and rear coaster brakes including delivery to up to 5 locations on JBLM .
Coaster brakes, or foot brakes, are the best kind to have when you are first learning to ride.