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a resident of a coastal area

someone who coasts

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a covering (plate or mat) that protects the surface of a table (i

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It's billed by park officials as the largest roller coaster of its kind in the world.
35G during initial acceleration, thrill seekers are accelerated from 0-100kph in around 2s, and within 5s the coaster is at its top speed of 180kph.
Sources said that two girl students, Maryam and Ayesha were on their way to school located on Allah Abad-Deepalpur road on a motorcycle with their father , As soon as they reached near the gate of their school, a speedy coaster coming from wrong side crashed the motor cycle .
The coaster, known as one of the biggest rides at Cedar Point, will be shuttered Sept.
It is called Leap the Dips and is the oldest operating coaster in the world.
According to the inventor, a semi-retired Medical Specialist "Game changing" best describes the recently announced Matrix Force Super Coaster.
NoLimits 2 includes a full-featured roller coaster editor that uses a CAD-style wire-frame display to build a custom coaster.
It claims to be the tallest and fastest looping roller coaster in the world with the first "top hat" loop where riders race over the top of the loop as well as inside.
A roller coaster that was destroyed and partly submerged in the ocean by Hurricane Sandy is not to be used by the authorities as a tourist attraction.
When the race-car-themed coaster pulls up, riders slip into the plastic seats.
Which of the four regions have at least one roller coaster in every state?
Logan - S&S WORLDWIDE repudiates a news report out of Dongguan, China regarding the 4th Dimension roller coaster to be installed in Changzhou, China this year.
He displayed some of his work on roller coasters on the course blog, and he inspired us to start the roller coaster course.
Year on year, designers come up with new coaster ideas to pull in the masses, bringing new trends, speeds and levels of excitement to the industry.
The third edition of this guide to roller coasters has been updated with new photographs, statistics and descriptions as well as an essay on the future of roller coaster technology and design.